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Resound Lex 4

An instant fit custom hearing aid solution


ReSound LexLexProduct

General Features

For many people with a hearing loss, a frustrating part of getting your hearing aids can be the waiting time between choosing your new aids and actually receiving them. With the new Lex 4, this is no longer an issue as the innovative new design means that the hearing aids can frequently be fitted on the same day as your first appointment.

The Lex range also gives you the alternative of two levels of technology to choose from. The Lex 4 is the lower level of the two but still offers fast sound processing along with an extremely comfortable fit.

As well as having the ground-breaking new Instant Fit technology, the Lex 4 also offers a range of Resound’s key features that are designed to give you the clearest and most natural sound possible.

The Lex 4 has 9 sound processing channels which despite being a significantly lower number than the Lex 8, still allows you to manage the different sound frequencies, increasing your audibility.

The DFS Ultra (Digital Feedback Suppression) feature is designed to supress any of the annoying whistling noises that are sometimes produced as a result of feedback. The innovative design of this hearing aid also gives a natural protection against any wind noise. These two features combined guarantee that you receive a natural sound, free from any distortion.

The Noise Tracker ll is a feature that has been added to help people who find it particularly difficult to hear in crowded situations. It actively reduces background noise to ensure that you can always hear speech clearly, even in the most difficult of listening environments.

The Lex 4 hearing aids are not compatible with any of Resound’s wireless accessories at the moment. It may be worth taking this into account before you buy one of these models as it would mean added expense should you decide that you would like wireless connectivity later on.

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