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So Why Choose Me?

Below are the thoughts of some of my customers, I am extremely happy to allow them to speak for me

"Very impressed with Colin. I couldn't have wished for better help, attention and explanation of procedures. The hearing aids he recommended have made a huge difference to my life."

Mr Burton


"Hi Colin Just wanted to thank you for the kindness , consideration and compassion you showed to my mum. Mum is delighted with her hearing aid and I would highly recommend your service. These days it is refreshing to find someone who goes the extra mile and doesn't take advantage of their clients. Once again many thanks."

Ms F MacGregor


" I called to my local Boots to have my hearing aids repaired however, they were more interested in selling me new ones and wanted to charge a small fortune for the repair. I looked further afield and came across Colin.He was so helpfull and arranged everything with the manufacturer to have them restored as new. This was done for a fraction of the price Boots wanted.I would not hesitate to recommend him and give him 10/10"

Mr W Dickson


"As a hearing aid user for over 25 years i am now on my fifth set and i cannot thank you enough, these are easily the best I've ever had. The skill and expertise demonstrated by Colin places him head and shoulders above everyone else I have bought hearing aids from"

Mr G Scott


"My hearing aid is very unobtrusive and no-one has ever noticed I'm wearing it."

Mrs I Murray


"My two new hearing aids are excellent and the service has been just as good. I'm completely satisfied."

Mr R Aitken


"What can i say. I write to express my thanks for the help that you gave me with you knowing for certain that there was no possibility of financial gain in it for you. It is quite unique to experience this in these times. I was touched and grateful."

Mr E Shevlin

Lisburn Northern Ireland

"As you know I travel a lot for business, the airport is now so much more pleasant, I can listen to songs on my i-phone through my hearing aids and..take telephone calls which I can hear through both ears..wonderful."

Mr W Stuart


"In Church I can now hear every word. I can also hear what people are saying in the front of a car when sitting in the back now !"

Mrs E Ponton


"I would thoroughly recommend The Hearing Aid Centre. It is first class service they provide, with no complaints what so ever from me."

Mr E Gibson


"Nothing was to much trouble even traveling over 60 miles to my house, thank you for letting me try my new hearing aids first before I had to pay for them. The difference they have made is unbelieveable."

Mr R Martin


"My new hearing aids are excellent, I still cannot believe that I can work in the garden and listen to my collection of over 600 songs on my i-pad..which is in my house. Outstanding."

Mr A Cairns


"The hearing aids are first class and so is the attention I receive."

Mrs S Laidlaw

North Berwick

"The difference my hearing aids have made to my life has changed it completely..I wish I'd got them years ago!"

Mrs E Farmer

South Queensferry

"My new hearing aids worked beautifully on our holiday cruise, the noisy dining rooms were absolutely no problem at all. They are so comfortable I can forget I'm wearing them. Thanks again for all your attention."

Mrs K Connor


"I need to say how excellent Colin is ! The amount of time and detail that he gave was impressive and made a well known high street retailer who I also contacted look like amateurs. His service and manner commend him."

Mr C Brown


"I write to thank you. The difference my new hearing aids have made is fantastic, I no longer have to sit in a group and nudge the person next to me to repeat what has been said."

Mrs J Milne.


"Getting my hearing aids is the best thing that's ever happened to me! I no longer need to sit alone, I can now join in with the conversation."

Mrs E Cherrie.


"I'm more than satisfied with both my hearing aids and the service I've received. I would thoroughly recommend The Hearing Aid Centre."

Mrs C Barber


" The quality of sound i hear is excellent when compared to my NHS ones."

Mr k ord


"I'm very pleased with my new hearings aids. The service received has been very attentive and most sympathetic to my difficulties."

Mrs F Lyall


"I can't believe the difference my new hearing aids have made! Not only can I hear so much better but my tinnitus has completely vanished – My self-confidence has also had a massive boost. Thank you for the amazing service."

Mrs K McDonald


"I am very pleased to recommend your service which has given me hearing aids which now allow me to work in a whole range of environments by hearing all that is said.They have transformed my personal and business life."

Mr S McLean


"I struggled with my hearing aids for over 3 years constantly visiting my supplier to get them adjusted all to no avail. I then contacted another supplier for new ones and realised after 7 visits from them in 2 months that they could do no better. I was in despair. I contacted you on a recommendation and after only 2 visits I can now hear perfectly – I can't thank you enough, you achieved the impossible."

Mr J Melvin


"The NHS only gave me one aid and I was really struggling to hear in company. Colin explained I needed two as i had a problem in both ears.The second hearing aid has made a massive difference. A very caring and very good service. "

Mrs E Forster


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