Hearing Protection Across Scotland

Hearing is precious, protect yours with the best custom hearing protection

Hearing loss is often the direct result of an occupation, a recreational activity or simply exposure to loud sounds!

Protecting Your Hearing in Scotland

You can prevent hearing loss caused by noise, we provide speciality earplugs and filters for swimmers, sport shooters, and those working in noisy environments. We select only the most superior products from Starkey, Puretone, ACS, CENs Minerva and other hearing protection manufacturers. We source our protection products from across the entire market. We Provide products for many applications and they are available in soft silicone for comfort and also durable acrylic. We can offer virtually invisible hearing protection for home, leisure and industrial use. Noise exposure can contribute to tinnitus and hearing impairment. This means protecting your ears from prolonged noise exposure could be one of the best things you do for your long-term wellness.

Hearing Protection For Work & Play

Electronic Noise Protection

We also Provide electronic noise protection devices, they are exceptional devices for use where noise levels vary, communication is important, and first class protection is desired. Electronic noise protection devices have 2 major advantages over passive filter systems:

Wear your noise protection all day

Because noise is only attenuated when you need it you can wear your hearing protection all day. The intelligent circuitry inside ensures that you can hear normal volume sounds as if you weren’t wearing hearing protection. This means that you can wear your protection all day, safe in the knowledge that your hearing is protected.

Ensures Easy Communication

Electronic hearing protection devices ensure perfect communication and protection for people who work or play in situations where noise rapidly changes from quiet to loud. 

Solid earplugs

Solid Earplugs

Custom fit solid earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. The corded option allows wearers to place the plugs over their necks when they're not in use. Solid earplugs are also available with a removal "L" shaped handle.

High frequency noise filters

High Frequency Noise Filter

The Hocks Noise Brake® is an acoustic filter that adjusts all incoming sound to appropriate speech levels. While most hearing protection seals off the ear, effectively blocking any sound from entering, this high frequency noise filter lets air and sound through in a safe, effective way. As a result, the wearer can communicate freely and remain aware of the surrounding environment.

Motorbike ear plugs


Shaped to eliminate helmet interference and custom made for comfort, BikePlugs are specially designed for motorcyclists. Acoustic filters protect hearing and reduce noise fatigue without compromising awareness. Filtered attenuation at 22dB.

Work plugs


For industrial workers, private contractors, DIY enthusiasts or anyone exposed to damaging levels of noise. Custom made for all day comfort
and fitted with handles for easy removal. A choice of 5 acoustic filters improve speech comprehension in high noise environments.

Swim plugs

Floatable Swim Earplug

Custom-made waterproof swim plugs offer protection for those prone to ear infections or other ear problems. Made of soft hydrophobic silicone material for maximum comfort, the plugs float to prevent you from losing them in the water. Swim plugs come in a variety of solid, swirled and neon colours.

Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors For Shooters

Cens Custom Hearing Protection

The Best Form Of Hearing Protection For Sport Shooters

CENS digital are custom-made electronic noise suppressors for shooters. Being custom-made they fit exactly into the users ear, ensuring an extremely comfortable fit over long durations.

Every model in the CENS range has these common feature:

  • Effectively suppresses gunshot noise
  • Allows for normal conversation and the use of mobile phones without the removal of your noise suppressiont noises.
  • Hear releasing traps and approaching game before anyone else.

CENS custom electronic noise supression Scotland

Technical Data

All models in the CENS range utilise the latest digital technologies and algorithms to control the level of sound within the ear. In addition, a push-button switch (CENS ProFlex 2, digital 2 and Hunter only) is used to select one of two programs.

ProFlex 2/digital 2 - Program 1:

Cens pack

Optimised for game shoot where there are intermittent shots. This configuration also helps by amplifying sounds such as wings flapping, thus providing the shooter with advanced 

warning of approaching quarry.

ProFlex 2/digital 2 - Program 2:

Optimised for clay shoots where there are continued shots. This system has been designed to allow more flexible noise suppression while still amplifying ambient sounds.

CENS Hunter:

Program 1 provides the standard CENS ProFlex features, such as excellent noise suppression and ambient sound amplification. Program 2 (Increased Wind Noise Reduction) increases the amount of wind noise reduction provided. Ideal for shooting in severe conditions.

The Snoring Cure!

I am afraid that is a lie, we can't cure snoring, but for long suffering wives everywhere we have a solution that won't involve you killing your husband. Burying a body at two in the morning is just no fun and plays hell on the nails. Please Don't Kill Your Husband, we can help!

Our sleeping earplugs are the perfect complement to the perfect night’s rest. They are soft enough to provide a comfortable sleep at the same time as effortlessly diffusing background noise (ie the big honking snoring). The sleeping earplug is available in different styles including completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and in-the-canal (ITC). It also includes a pull string for easy removal. 

Custom Moulded Sleeping Ear Plugs

Softnight sleeping earplugs are crafted to reduce noises that may prevent sleep, such as snoring or travel noise. For additional comfort, Softnight plugs are made from extra-soft silicone that flexes to accommodate any movement of the ear on the pillow during sleep. Make sleepless nights a thing of the past with a pair of custom moulded sleeping plugs!

There, So Much Easier Than Washing The Blood Out Of Your New NIghtie!

The Sleeping Earplug

The sleeping earplug is available in different styles including completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and in-the-canal (ITC). It also includes a pull string for easy removal. Its safe and comfortable and means the father of your children may actually survive to see them grow up!

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