"My original vision remains unchanged
To provide the best hearing aid experience in Scotland
at an outstanding price”

25 years in hearing aidsCelebrating 25 Years in Hearing Aids!

It struck me at the beginning of this year that I am now involved in the hearing aid world for an amazing twenty-five years. I qualified as a hearing aid audiologist in 1997 and worked for two national providers of hearing aids before starting my own business in 2002.

That's a long time working with hearing aids and so much has changed. I witnessed the dawn of digital hearing aids and then their evolution to the magnificent devices that they are today. Over that time I think that I have helped thousands of people to hear better, something that makes me very happy, and proud.

A Gift to You

To celebrate my silver anniversary, I am extending a gift to customers for the whole of 2022. Selected from my top selling two brands, every pair of Resound One 9 and Oticon More 1 hearing aids purchased come with a free TV connector (worth up to £200) to ensure you never miss an exciting moment of your favourite TV show again.

Expert Hearing Care since 1997 and the very latest Digital, Invisible and Hidden Hearing Aids at Affordable prices from Scotlands Leading Hearing Aid Audiologist

Hearing Aids Aren't About Getting Old, They Are All About Staying Young!

Hearing aids will keep you young by allowing you a healthy, active lifestyle.

Enjoying the conversation can be effortless


Are you tired of struggling to Hear?

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Providing The Worlds Best Hearing Aids at Outstanding Prices in Livingston, Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Central Scotland

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Hear Better, Feel Better. Better hearing can help you lead a better life

Scotlands Provider of Hearing Aids at Affordable Prices

My 100% Hearing Aid Satisfaction Guarantee

If You Are Not Happy, You Don't Pay

You shouldn't feel frustrated and tired from concentrating to listen. Don't suffer in silence, regain your hearing today. With experience as an Audiologist providing bespoke solutions for people's hearing needs since 1997, I know, I can help you. Working with you, I will carefully assess your hearing and find the correct solution for you. Then you can enjoy hearing clearly again, trying out all the situations you find difficulty with. This can be done at your leisure, usually over a week or two and completely without charge. Only when you are happy will you pay for your new hearing aids......, It is my pleasure to help you in this way.

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Find out About The Latest Hearing Aid Technology and what it could do for you

The Benefits To You

Your Guide To To Hearing Aid Success.

  • Admit You Have A Problem

    The first step to overcoming your hearing problem.
  • Decide To Seek Help

    Do it for your own well-being.
  • Learn About Your Hearing Problem

    Learn what you have been missing and why.
  • Set Realistic Expectations

    Focus on your improvement, understand it is a journey.
  • Practice and Patience

    Practice really does make perfect, the more you wear them, the better it gets

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The Thoughts of Some of My Happy Patients

Livingston, Glasgow, Edinburgh
"The quality of the sound I hear is excellent when compared to my NHS ones..first class service!"
"Excellent Sound Quality"
Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss

"My Grateful Thanks"
Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
"My two new hearing aids are excellent and the service has been just as good. I'm completely satisfied."
Hearing Aids

Provided Services Include

Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests and Ear Wax Removal

Hearing aid manufacturers


Hearing Aids

Looking to find the right hearing aids for you? Providing the best hearing aids available in Livingston, Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Central Scotland. Read about the various hearing aid types available. Find out about the leading hearing aid brands and how they can help you attain the hearing you desire.

hearing aid prices that will keep you happy


Hearing Aid Prices

Completely open about the prices of hearing aids. You can save up to 50% compared to high street prices on all the leading hearing aid brands. Take a look at my hearing aid prices,  achieving the hearing you desire might be less than you think.

Hearing tests


Hearing Tests

Truly Independent hearing healthcare including in-depth hearing tests, and the very best hearing aids in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Central Scotland.

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You Don't Need to Upgrade Three Year Old Hearing Aids!

I received a phone call from a prospective customer recently who wished to purchase new hearing aids. When we got into conversation, it became clear that his hearing aids were Phonak Marvels that were only three years old. It also became clear that he had been advised to change his hearing aids for no good reason. Let me explain.

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ReSound has introduced new One BTE hearing aids

ReSound has expanded the One range with two new Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids, making the One range suitable for more people than ever. The devices offer all the benefits of the One functionality in BTE style.

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Phonak Introduces Virto Paradise In The Ear Hearing Aids

Phonak has finally announced the release of Virto custom In The Ear hearing aids on their popular Paradise platform. The new devices will be available in four models across the four techno,logy levels and should be introduced in the UK soon.

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