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Mid range wireless hearing aids from Resound

Launched: 2012


Replacement for: Resound Alera 7

The Verso is currently the highest level of technology available from Resound. It is now available in three technology levels with the Verso 7 being the mid-level in the range. You can look at the full range of ReSound hearing aids here.

These hearing aids are available in several different styles including BTE (Behind the Ear), RIE (Receiver in Ear) and RM (Remote Microphone). There are also many custom models which include ITE (In the Ear), ITC (In the Canal), CIC (Completely in Canal) and even a tiny IIC (Invisible in Canal).

The Verso 7 contains Resound’s new technology which now gives you Binaural Fusion. This feature means your hearing aids will now work together to further improve your hearing. They do this by communicating wirelessly and sharing the information so you will always receive an even more advanced sound quality and even better noise and feedback management.

The Verso 7 also has a number of other features that are all designed to keep out the unwanted noise and keep your speech sounds clear and natural.

17 Channels

A larger number of sound processing channels allows more precise tuning of your hearing aids

3 Programs

These programs can be set up to work in different environments and situations

Surround Sound Processor

This improves your sound quality and also has an extra feature that can help to manage wind noise


This stands for Digital Feedback Suppression and is designed to stop any whistling feedback noises that may be produced.

Advanced Noise Tracker II

The noise tracker is designed to eliminate background noise so you can always hear speech more clearly. On the Verso 7 this feature can be programmed for 3 different levels

Onboard Analyzer II

This creates a log of the hearing aid’s activity which can then be reviewed by your audiologist. This allows them to check that you are getting the best performance from your devices

MultiScope Adaptive Directionality

This allows your audiologist to programme the hearing aid’s microphones to respond to different sounds so they will adapt automatically


This ensures you always have listening comfort by detecting levels of speech. It then softly adjusts the microphones to manage the level needed.

The Verso 7 hearing aids also feature the new iSolate Nanotech. This new process from Resound uses nanotechnology to give them a highly resistant coating. This protects them from substances like sweat or wax which can help to increase the life of the hearing aids

Many of the Resound Verso models are compatible with the Unite range of wireless accessories. These devices do not require an additional device to be worn around the neck to relay the signal. This makes them more convenient and also means there is no extra expense.


Unite TV

You can always hear the television clearly with this accessory which sends the sounds directly into your hearing aids. This reduces the need to turn the volume up to high levels that may cause discomfort for others.

Unite Mini Microphone

You can have a normal conversation in any environment using the Mini Microphone. It can be conveniently placed on a table or on a person’s clothes and will stream their voice into your hearing aids.

Unite Phone Clip

This accessory not only lets you hear a conversation on your mobile phone more clearly but will also send the sound into both ears at the same time.

Unite Remote Control

This small device allows you to adjust basic functions on your hearing aids without worrying about small or fiddly button controls.

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