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“This guide is written impartially, I have no vested interest in any particular hearing aid brand”

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For many years information about hearing aids has been scant. You would regularly see adverts in newspapers with headings like “invisible hearing aids from £99”. If you were to clip the coupon or call these companies then you would probably receive a deluge of junk mail or be called to arrange an appointment (again and again).

Prices would never be disclosed until the end of your consultation with the hearing aid dispenser.

Free hearing aid consumer guideThankfully things have changed and this is largely due to the internet. Finding the right information and guidance about hearing aids can be very confusing. By the fact that you’re reading this guide suggests that you may have already embarked on your quest to find the right hearing solution for you or someone you know.

The vast majority of information however is provided by hearing aid retailers and it is important to understand the difference between a retailer and a manufacturer. This guide is written impartially so we have no vested interest in any particular brand, make or retailer.

There are several reasons why unbiased information is difficult to come by. Firstly, if the information is provided by a hearing aid manufacturer then they are understandably compelled to sing the virtues and praises of just their make and models of hearing aids. This is a little like reading an advert for Mercedes cars. If you were to believe the marketing hype then you would conclude that the only option would be to purchase one of their cars. If you subsequently read a BMW advert your thoughts and opinions may change.

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