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21 years in businessCelebrating 21 Years in Business and 26 Years in Hearing Aids!

Whilst reflecting on last year's events, it struck me that as of November 2023, this is the 21st anniversary of my business, The Hearing Aid Advice Centre. More than that, I have now been involved in the hearing aid world for over 26 years. I qualified as a hearing aid audiologist in 1997 and worked for two national providers of hearing aids before starting my own business in November 2002.

That's a long time working with hearing aids and so much has changed. I witnessed the dawn of digital hearing aids and then their evolution to the magnificent devices they are today. Over that time I think that I have helped thousands of people to hear better, something that makes me very happy, and proud.

"The Finest Hearing Aids In The World Need Not Cost The Earth"

Scotland's Provider of Hearing Aids at Affordable Prices

hearing tests at home across Scotland I provide hearing care services and have done so for 26 years. I have been testing hearing, and fitting hearing aids successfully in Livingston, Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Central Scotland since 1997.

I have successfully provided custom solutions for thousands of people's hearing needs, and I am confident I can do so for you. I believe you shouldn't need to feel stressed and worn out from concentrating to listen. I know I can help. As such I offer a completely unique way to professionally acquire hearing aids. I call it my "try before you buy" guarantee. Put simply I have negotiated with the leading manufacturers to allow you to try the most suitable hearing aids for you before committing to buying them.

Colin Forrest, Audiologist

Welcome To The Hearing Aid Centre

I set up The Hearing Aid Centre to provide people with hearing difficulties an opportunity to professionally acquire digital hearing aids at prices significantly less than typically charged. Naturally, I still provide impartial and free advice on all aspects of hearing loss and the types of hearing aids available. 

The Hearing Aid Centre has become the leading independent hearing aid consultant in Scotland providing hearing aids at reduced prices. The savings on a like for like basis can be as much as 50%.

Qualifying as a Hearing Aid Audiologist in 1997 I am fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and have to comply with their CPD criteria as well as being a member of the British Academy of Audiology. For a number of years, I have studied at University College London ( UCL ) one of the world's leading multi-disciplinary universities usually completing 2-3 short courses every year. I am also fortunate to have been a delegate at the annual American Academy of Audiology which is considered the premier audiological event in the world on 7 separate occasions. Intense periods of study give way to a chance to explore your surroundings which is great as the conference visits a different city every year. I have also attended the Ishaa audiological annual meeting held in Ireland on a number of occasions.

I worked for two of the largest hearing aid retailers in the UK – Hidden Hearing and Amplifon, before spotting an opportunity to provide an enhanced level of service together with significantly better pricing.

Some of my customers discuss their dawning awareness of their hearing loss and their experiences as a customer of The Hearing Aid Centre



" When I set up the Hearing Centre I had no idea how it would evolve, I am now able to provide a level of service which I never could when working for Hidden Hearing and Amplifon. Being able to change so many people's lives for the better gives me an incredible feeling. Being able to do that by saving my customers hundreds and in some cases, thousands of pounds is the icing on the cake."

Hear Better, Feel Better. Better hearing can help you lead a better life

The Forefront of hearing aid technology in Scotland

I strive to be constantly at the forefront of technology within the hearing aid profession. I pride myself on providing hidden hearing aid systems and the latest Bluetooth® technology with remote controls using your smart phone, television and telephone accessories. However, I don't focus on technology. My Main Goal is simply to help you hear better by delivering the best Hearing Aid Solution for you.

Hearing at home

I am happy to provide my hearing care services in your home, I have been testing hearing and fitting hearing aids successfully from the comfort of peoples homes all over Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland since 1997. All of my many customers love my home visit service. Some are housebound, others don't drive any more. Many are completely mobile however, just prefer the hassle-free convenience of not having to leave the house. I think this is just good old fashioned customer service.

I also strongly believe that I get the most accurate results when you are comfortable and relaxed. Some people can get a little nervous about a hearing test, there is no need to be but I do understand why it happens. The slight worry about hearing loss, the whole getting to an appointment and being in a strange place all contribute to making people nervous. I find that my customers are usually most comfortable and relaxed in their own home. So if you are looking for a hearing test, I can come to you and deliver that service where you are most comfortable.

Delivering Best Service For Happy Customers

Talking through the hearing testI believe in offering the best service possible to my customers across Scotland, many of my customers have been with me for years and have almost become members of my extended family. I understand clearly that what is best for you, is also best for me. Relationships are important to me and I am exceptionally happy that my customers would take the time to recommend me to others. 

Local Independent Hearing Aid Provider with Global connections

My independence means that I can provide hearing systems from all of the World's best hearing aid manufacturers, ensuring I can help you choose the the correct system for your own unique lifestyle.

Transparent Pricing

My prices are transparent. There are no hidden extras, all of my hearing systems are from the worlds leading manufacturers and all come with a full extended manufacturer's five-year warranty. In addition, my prices are 30% to 50% less than high street hearing aid retail stores.

 Free lifetime aftercare and manufacturers extended 5-year warranty

All the hearing aids I provide come with free lifetime aftercare. This means that you are free to contact me at any time during the lifetime of your hearing aids, and, I will attend to your needs free of charge.

In addition, and with no charge whatsoever all the hearing aids I provide come with manufacturers extended 5-year guarantees. This entitles you to free repairs carried out by the manufacturers to their exacting standards completely without charge for a full 5 years. I consider this an absolute necessity with any hearing aid purchase.

Interested in my hearing aid pricesHearing Aid Prices

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