Hearing Aid Trials in Scotland

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I believe after providing hearing aids since 1997 that the best way to professionally acquire them, is to "try before you buy", it's as simple, honest and as fair as that.

I am so confident that I can deliver better hearing to you, I want you to try your hearing aids before you buy them, so why not take advantage of my free hearing aid trial, to ensure your complete peace of mind

No Obligation, Nothing To Pay, Nothing To Sign, 

Just a completely risk-free, no-obligation trial of hearing aids

I want to give you the confidence that the hearing aids I recommend, are right for you. That is why I insist that you try them before you buy them. 

I believe now after providing hearing aids since 1997, that this is the correct way to introduce you back into the world of hearing clearly again.


Trial hearing aids in Scotland



In conjunction with the leading hearing aid manufacturers, I am offering a risk-free and no obligation trial of their hearing aids Across Scotland.

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Step one

I will carefully measure and assess your hearing and discuss with you all the situations in which you have difficulty.

Only then and based on all the information available will I begin to advise and demonstrate by using the latest computer technology how best to help you again achieve clearer sharper hearing.

Step two

I will help you choose the most suitable hearing aids based on:

1. Cosmetics, do you want hearing aids from the range of now almost invisible ones….

2. Do you need to connect to the television, mobile phone, i-pod, or computer?

3. What level of technology do you need? Do you experience more difficult listening environments (example noisy workplace, restaurants, large meetings, etc)?

Step three

I will order the hearing aids of your choice and fully instruct you in their use.*

*Depending on the manufacturer the scheme may not be available for in the ear aids.

Step four

You are free to try them at your leisure and use them in all the situations in which you previously found it difficult to hear. I will evaluate your progress after 10-14 days and fine-tune them if necessary.

Step five

Only once you are completely happy with your hearing aids, will I  take payment, I find this is to be normally within a month. I firmly believe that this removes the uncertainty from buying hearing aids. Also on a like for like basis I provide the best hearing aid prices in Scotland

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