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Widex Unique 440 Hearing Aids

The premium range of hearing aids from Widex.

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Widex Unique 440 £ Price On Application

We believe that we are the best option for you for hearing care in Scotland, but we know you shouldn't rely on what we say. So we asked one of our customers to tell you about us so you could make up your own mind. You can hear what they say on the video to the right.

Unique 440 Hearing Aids

The Unique 440 is the top of the range hearing aids in Widex's new "Unique" range. We have been impressed with the results that we have seen with this hearing aid so far. We have been fitting it since late October and our customers have nothing but praise for the hearing devices. You can take a look at the full range of Widex hearing aids here

As you would expect, Widex have produced an excellent range of hearing aids, with a number of features not available in any other hearing aid. Widex hearing aids are already known for  their own unique sound, now combined with some ground breaking features we think that they can justify calling the product "Unique"

Unique 440 Hearing Aid Types & Sizes

Widex Unique 440 hearing aids ScotlandThere are three sizes of behind the ear model and three in the ear models available. The Passion is the slim, attractive behind the ear receiver-in-canal model and is suitable for most hearing losses. It has no manual controls so can only be adjusted by remote control or app. The Fusion is the larger, more powerful behind the ear model which also features a push button for program changing. The Fashion is the largest of the over the ear models and is mainly for people who want or need a full earmold.

Of the three in the ear models, one is the standard sized in-the-ear, one is the CIC or completely-in-the-canal. The smallest is the CIC-M which is Widex's equivalent of an IIC or invisible-in-the-canal. Being so small, some features had to be cut from this model, mainly anything requiring wireless communication which this aid cannot fit in.

  • WIDEX UNIQUE 440 CIC-M : This is the smallest of the range, it is a non-wireless micro completely in canal device using a size 10 battery. 
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 440 CIC: This is a slightly larger device, it is a wireless completely-in-canal device using again a size 10 battery
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 440 XP: The XP is for al intent and purposes a half shell type device. It is a wireless in-the-ear device with telecoil using a Size 312 battery
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 440 PASSION: The Passion has for many years been the smallest RIC hearing aid available. It is a wireless mini receiver-in-canal device which uses a Size 10 battery. The size does limit the device though, it has no telecoil or programme button.
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 440 FUSION: The Fusion is a larger wireless receiver-in-canal device, it comes with a push button and telecoil and runs on a size 312 battery. 
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 440 FASHION: The Fashion was introduced a couple of years ago as a replacement for the 9 and 19 configuration, it is wireless slimline power BTE which can be used with a thin tube or a standard tube and mold. It has a volume control and telecoil  and is powered with a size 312 battery

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Main features

Sound Processing

The Unique 440 uses Widex's new U-platform chip which processes sounds across 15 channels. 15 channels is typical of all Widex top of the range aids. What is different for Widex though is the use of "Sound Class Technology", the hearing aid classifies what kind of sound environment you are currently in out of a choice of nine possible environments that are programmed in. It then adjusts the sound accordingly to maximise your ability to hear speech sounds clearly. The 440 has the most channels in the range and also has a "High Frequency Boost" feature that isn't available in the lower models to give additional clarity when needed.

InterEar (IE) technology

IE technology allows both hearing aids to act as one system through the instantaneous wireless exchange of information. Widex uses this technology in order that the hearing aids can act as a true pair.  The two hearing aids can synchronise their noise reduction, compression, and directionality settings, which allows them to not only enhance their effectiveness, but to also deliver a more natural hearing experience to you.

The preservation of these natural differences helps to provide you with a much better spatial awareness of sound. The IE technology also ensures the synchronization of volume adjustments and program changes between the two aids. In the 440 it can even be used to sound an alarm when the wireless connection is lost between the two hearing aids (Partner Monitor).

Sound Class Technology

The aids can automatically detect and adapt in 9 different listening environments and focus on the most dominant speech signal detected in the environment. 


This feature is actually only available on a stand alone phone program, the signal from the hearing aid you are using close to the phone is streamed to both hearing aids to help you hear better.

Wind noise attenuation

Widex claims that it's new wind noise attenuation feature is an industry leading wind noise reduction feature. Widex don't make claims very lightly, so we would be of the opinion that if they say it, it is true. The Unique 440 can attenuate more wind noise than any other hearing aid out there, no matter the direction the wind is coming from, even from directly ahead. However this new feature is only available on the 440 models.

Background noise reduction

All manufacturers have good background noise reduction features as standard these days. However, Widex have introduced a new feature that has extra emphasis on reducing softer, low level background noise that may be annoying. Widex have always put great emphasis on soft sound inputs because they believe that soft sounds in speech are very important for understanding. However, there are soft input sounds that you just don't want to or need to hear, like a computer fan or the noise of a fridge. 

Wider dynamic range of hearing

Widex have also introduced a wider dynamic range of hearing to the Unique so you can hear more than ever. What this means is that most hearing aids take a range of sounds from quiet to loud and compress them into what hearing you have remaining to provide you with the full range of sounds for you to hear. They often ignore the very softest sounds and don't process louder sounds very well. What the Widex Unique hearing aids are doing is extending that range slightly so that very very quiet sounds (5dB) that aren't picked up by normal hearing aids will now be processed enabling you to hear the low sounds that most hearing aids ignore.

Tinnitus management

Nearly all modern Widex aids have the option to use Zen tones, Zen is a proprietary feature belonged to Widex that will help to reduce the effects of tinnitus. For tinnitus sufferers these predictable yet non-repetitive sounds are used in combination with counselling and relaxation techniques to deliver tinnitus relief as a part of a tinnitus management programme.

Why Choose Us


Dex wireless devices for Widex Hearing Aids


With the DEX™ assistive listening devices from Widex it becomes easy for you to communicate with your:

  • Phone
  • TV
  • Remote Control
  • Other external audio devices



For communicating with other bluetooth enabled devices there is the new COM-DEX accessory, which is a bluetooth enabled pendant you hang around your neck. This will pair to your phone so that you can stream audio to your hearing aids from your phone, via the COM-DEX. You can also download an app for your smartphone (Apple or Android) which lets you use it to remotely control the hearing aids. Also available are the usual range of extra accessories for TV or audio equipment streaming.


Widex Uni Dex for Widex Hearing AidsThe all new UNI-DEX is extremely easy to use. Simply plug the mini-jack cable into your mobile phone or audio device, hang the UNI-DEX around your neck, and you are ready to go.



The Widex M-DEX for Widex Hearing AidsM-DEX offers wireless connectivity between hearing aids and a mobile phone, practically turning the hearing aids into wireless headsets.




The Widex TV-DEX for Widex Hearing AidsWith the TV-DEX you can enjoy distortion-free wireless transmission of TV sound directly to your hearing aid




The Widex RC_DEX for Widex Hearing AidsThe RC-DEX is designed for basic wireless remote control of the hearing aids.



The Widex T-DEX for Widex Hearing AidsT-DEX gives you easy connection with mobile phones. For use with all Widex hearing aids with a telecoil




The Widex PHONE-DEX for Widex Hearing AidsPHONE-DEX is a cordless phone that streams sound directly into your hearing aids. The PHONE-DEX is easy to hold and can be used as a regular phone as well

Answering All of Your Hearing Aid Questions

Technology Level

These devices are high end technology

The Chipset/Platform

The chipset is the latest from Widex, the Unique Platformt

Wireless or Not

Most of the range is wireless apart from the smallest custom hearing aid

Virto V Hearing Aids

Custom or Non Custom

This is a full family so there are BTE and custom models available

Multi Programmes?

These are automatic aids but there are manual programmes available

Feature Rich Hearing Aids?

These are outstanding hearing aids with some amazing features designed to introduce natural hearing

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I pride myself on providing the very latest digital hearing aids from the worlds leading manufacturers at prices up to 50% less than is charged (on a like for like basis) by most of the high street hearing aid retailers including
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