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Launched: February 2013


Replacement for: None – New technology level addition

The Dream 110 is the basic level of technology in the Dream range of hearing aids from Widex, it has now been replaced by the Unique 110 which you can read about here.  It is available in a number of different styles including BTE (Behind the Ear), RIC (Receiver in Canal), ITE (In the Ear) and CIC (Completely in Canal).

These hearing aids are available in four different levels of technology with the Dream 110 being the lowest level in the range. You can take a look at the full range of Widex hearing aids here

The Widex Dream 110 works on the new True ISP platform technology. This offers the wearer even better sound quality and faster sound processing

Along with True ISP, Widex have improved the personal aspect of hearing aids by giving the wearer more involvement in their own hearing needs. Widex have now launched MY.WIDEX.COM. This site is for hearing aid users and contains all the information you could need to better understand your hearing loss. It explains things such as your audiogram, the hearing aids themselves and gives you more access to customer feedback.

The Dream 110 still contains some of the new ‘personal’ features from Widex as well as some of the key features that Widex have now improved

Personal Acclimatisation

This allows you to have more control over the acclimatisation levels of your hearing aids

Personal Audibility Extender

This extends the higher frequency sounds to increase their audibility

3 Channels

This is the lowest number of channels in the Dream range but still allows the hearing aid to be tuned for your hearing needs

2 Programmes

This allows you to switch the programme between listening environments                                                          


Noise Reduction

This will help reduce background noise to ensure you hear speech sounds as clearly as possible


Despite being a much more basic hearing aid, you can still connect the Dream 110 to the DEX range of wireless accessories.



This handy remote control allows you to adjust basic elements such as volume or programme selection


The TV-DEX can transmit the sound from your television straight into your hearing aids. This gives you more freedom to adjust the volume for your personal needs


This works with your landline phone to make sure you hear conversations clearly. The added bonus is that you hear the conversation in both ears


This feature is similar to the Phone-DEX but is used with your mobile phone.

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