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Advanced hearing aids from Oticon


Launched: 2013

Replacement for: Acto

The Nera has been launched by Oticon as one of their new advanced level hearing aids. These aids are available in five different styles including BTE (Behind the Ear), RITE (Receiver in the Ear), ITE (In the Ear), ITC (In the Canal) and CIC (Completely in Canal). This range has two levels of technology with the Nera being the lower of the two. You can take a look at the full range of Oticon hearing aids here.

The biggest change to Oticon’s technology is the introduction of their Inium platform. This new sound processing chip technology gives the wearer improved clarity, more features and an overall improved sound quality.

The Oticon Nera has several features that have been specifically designed to give you the best sound possible and the most comfortable listening experience.

6 Channels

For an advanced hearing aid, this is a fairly low number of sound processing channels but it still allows the hearing aids to be programmed for your individual needs.


Inium Feedback Shield

This suppresses the annoying whistling sounds that can sometimes occur due to feedback from your hearing instruments


YouMatic Advanced

This gives you control over the different speech, sound and noise management settings on your hearing aids. It gives the wearer more personal control over their own listening needs


The Nera range also has protective seals which create a barrier to protect them from substances like wax, dust or sweat. The internal components have also have been given an extra Nano coating for further protection which could help prolong the life of the hearing aids.

Like the Nera Pro, several of the styles in this range can be connected to the Connectline wireless accessories. These allow you to stream audio from devices such as music players, mobile phones and even your television.                                                                                                                               


Connectline Streamer

This is a device that is worn around the neck and used to relay signals from other audio devices. When used alongside other Oticon accessories it will stream sound directly into your hearing aids allowing you complete control over volume and letting you hear everything in both ears at the same time.


Connectline TV

When this is used with your Connectline streamer, it transmits the signal from your television directly into the hearing aids for a clear and natural sound. It also allows you to control the volume levels so there is no need to adjust the actual TV volume.

Connectline Phone

The Connectline phone accessory gives you a more convenient way for hearing aid wearers to use their landline telephone. You can answer the phone using your streamer and then you will hear any conversation in both ears at the same time for greater clarity

Connectline Microphone

One to one conversations in noisy environments can be difficult and sometimes impossible for hearing aid users. The background noise drowns out the speech and leaves some people feeling left out in these situations. With the Connectline microphone you can have another person’s speech streamed directly into the hearing aids. Simply attach it to the other speaker’s clothes and it will let you hear clearly while filtering out unwanted noise

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