Bernafon Introduces Encanta Hearing Aid Range

By Colin Forrest on 30th April 2024

Building on existing technology with new sensors

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New Motion Sensors help deliver a better listening experience


Bernafon launched a new range of hearing aids called Encanta in March, they are offering one hearing aid style with four performance levels. The new smaller Rechargeable MiniRITE, a discrete, Receiver In The Ear device. The Encanta range builds upon the outstanding Bernafon strategies and features with new hardware including motion sensors. While it comes with a pushbutton, because of those onboard motion sensors, you also get tap control function. Simply tap the aids or your ear near the aids and you can control different functions.

Whilst Tap control, the changing of functions on the aid by simply tapping the device or the ear, may be welcome by some. The new Smart Sensor technology also detects head and body movements to make your listening experience better. The concept is that you generally want to hear what you are looking at. They say that they use it in various sound environments to help provide you with better speech understanding.

Four Levels of Technology

Encanta has been launched with four levels of technology, they are changing the designators that they have been using in the past. Instead of the 9,7,5 etc, it will be the premium 400, then 300, 200 and 100 in descending order of technology level. They also have catchy names to give a sense of what you can expect them to do, such as the Pro, Engage, Go and Connect.

I have taken a hard look at the devices and I feel that the 100 is perhaps too basic. I also offer the range at some of the best prices in Scotland, so I won't be offering it. It makes more sense to me to offer the rest of the range at keen pricing to ensure people get a bit more for their money. However, let's take a look at the levels.

Bernafon Encanta 400 PRO Hearing Aids

The premium performance level is ideal for people who demand excellent sound quality and innovative technology to support their speech understanding in any environment. This level offers the best support and performance in the most complex hearing situations.

Bernafon Encanta 300 ENGAGE Hearing Aids

This performance level is ideal for people who enjoy an active social life and often find themselves in conversations with groups often. Bernafon says that the Encanta 300 will help you fully engage in conversations with a group of people and are ideal for speech understanding in noisy situations.

Bernafon Encanta 200 GO Hearing Aids

This is the basic performance level and is ideal for people looking for speech understanding for one-to-one conversations in noisy environments. Bernafon say Encanta 200 is great for enjoying conversations and life on the go, ideal for for speech understanding in one-to-one conversations in a noisy environment.

Bernafon Encanta 100 CONNECT Hearing Aids

This is Encanta's entry-level and is designed for people who spend most of their time at home and have quieter lifestyles. Bernafon says Encanta 100 will enrich your connections at home with family and friends, ideal for speech understanding in One-to-one conversations in low-noise listening environments.

Encanta MiniRITE Hearing Aid

Bernafon Encanta Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The MiniRITE devices are exceptionally discrete, they are rechargeable and have extensive connectivity options including Bluetooth and a telecoil. They are available in eight colours including pearly silver, metallic silver, charcoal grey, jet black, cocoa brown, antique bronze, stone beige, and sand beige. They also come with the option of a new small portable charger which once charged, offers you three charges on the go. It means you can charge your devices anywhere and anytime. Having said that, charging times are excellent, take a look below:

  • 2 hour charge offers a 100% charge
  • 60 minutes charge will give you 16 hours of power
  • 30 minutes charge will give you 8 hours of power
  • 15 minutes charge will give you 4 hours of power

Connectivity, Accessories & More

The Encanta hearing aids are compatible with Bernafon hearing aid accessories such as the TV-A TV Adapter, SoundClip A, and RC-A Remote Control. They are also compatible with iPhone, Android phones, and the new LE Audio. This enables two-way audio and direct streaming as well as hands-free calls. The smartphone app allows you to enjoy control, personalisation, control, and the sharing of user and experience data via the Hearing Coach feature between you and your hearing professional.

Smart Sensor Technology and Smart Noise Reduction

The Smart Sensor Technology uses motion detection to try to both understand and deliver clarity as your focus changes between people in noise. The information from the motion sensors allows the aids to better understand who you are trying to listen to. They say that their Smart Noise Reduction when combined with the Smart Sensor delivers finer sound details even in noise.

Smart Directionality and Smart Noise Management

Bernafon says that their Smart Noise Management will adjust to the sound environment you are in. It will continually work to deliver improved sound quality and better speech understanding in noisy situations. Their Smart Directionality uses different strategies and priorities for the microphones depending on what's going on around you. The aim is to deliver better sound localisation of speech helping you with better awareness of speech direction, better speech clarity and understanding in different listening situations.

If you are interested in the Bernafon Encanta range, or if you are looking for hearing aids at the best price in Scotland, honest advice and care, call me on 01506 420519 to arrange your appointment now.

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