ReSound One Hearing Aid Features, What Do They Mean?

By Colin Forrest on 27th November 2021

Cutting through the technobabble with plain English explanations

ReSound One Hearing Aids

What Does it All Mean!

Hearing aid manufacturers love their technobabble unfortunately and it can be difficult to understand exactly what different hearing aid features do, and why you might choose one level of technology over another. Whilst the very simple statement, because they are better, is true. It doesn't deliver a lot of information. Unfortunately, when you look for a deeper explanation, many professionals resort to technobabble. In this article, I hope to explain the different features in the ReSound One range in good old, plain, understandable English.

Okay, very quickly, I will give you a list of the features and follow up with deeper explanations, so here we go:

  • 17 channels
  • All Access Directionality
  • M&RIE
  • Ultra Focus
  • Synchronised Soft Switching
  • Environment Optimiser II
  • Noise Tracker II with 5 settings
  • Expansion with 3 settings
  • Impulse Noise Reduction with 3 settings
  • Wind Guard with 3 settings
  • DFS Ultra III with Music Mode
  • Amplification Strategies (WDRC, Semi-linear, Linear)

17 Channels

All Access Directionality

All Access Directionality automatically adjusts the directional microphone patterns based on the sound environment so that you can hear what’s important and still monitor the sounds around you. In noisier situations, All Access Directionality uses a new binaural connection between the hearing aids to create a stronger, more focused beam for sounds in front, it delivers up to 2 dB better signal-to-noise ratio.

What That Means

This system should help to deliver a more normalised sound experience while still allowing you to hear the speech that you want to hear.


The new microphone and Receiver In Ear speaker delivers a more natural sound experience by allowing the hearing aids to use the natural sound cues in the ear canal. It allows you to better localise sound and delivers an even more natural sound experience.

Ultra Focus

Ultra Focus is a user-activated strategy that is available in the Smart 3D app. It will allow you to narrow the focus of the microphones in noisy situations. It will allow you to focus on the person in front of you allowing you to hear what they are saying even in a noisy sound situation.

What That Means

This new feature will allow you to hear the person you are sitting with, even in the noisiest of situations. It is may sound a little unusual to start with however you should get all the sound cues you need to allow you to carry on a conversation.

Synchronised Soft Switching

Environmental Optimizer II

This feature is an upgraded version of their original environmental optimizer. It allows the hearing aids to work together to analyse the listening environment you are in. It then automatically adjusts the features and amplification to deliver the best experience for you. 

What That Means

Knowing the sound situation around you accurately is really important, so this feature identifies the situation with high accuracy and then manages the feature set of the hearing aids to deliver the very best hearing for you. This feature and its accuracy is imperative for the function of the aids. Resound are quoting really high accuracy and our experience concurs. 

Noise Tracker II

This is a unique noise reduction system that works based on spectral subtraction. It reduces unwanted noise without affecting the speech signal. 

What That Means

The really important bit here is that it seems to do what they are saying. It is excellent on any noise that is steady state (which means recurring similarly) like engine noise, background hum of any kind. 

Impulse Noise Reduction With Three Settings

Impulse noise reduction is a fancy name for a system that helps to reduce the impact of sudden sharp sounds like doors banging, or the clattering of dishes or cutlery.

What That Means

Many users of hearing aids find sudden sharp sounds to be quite irritating, to the point of distraction. The impact noise reduction system is designed to reduce the impact of those sudden loud noises. The ReSound system has three settings so a professional can increase the amount of reduction.

Wind Guard With Three Settings

Wind Guard is exactly as it sounds, it is a feature that is designed to reduce the amount of wind noise when you are out and about.

What That Means

Wind noise is a big irritation for people who like to follow outdoor pursuits such as walking, hiking, or golf. It sounds like a loud rumbling in hearing aids and can interfere with their ability to understand the speech of their companions. The wind guard system is designed to reduce the impact of the wind. The ReSound system has three settings so a professional can increase the amount of reduction.

DFS Ultra III With Music Mode

A high precision feedback system that allows the cancellation of feedback with extreme accuracy. This new feedback control allows the use of the M&RIE receiver. The Music mode is a slower acting system that allows better handling of music.

What That Means

Feedback is probably one of the most annoying things for users. The feedback system allows the amplification that you need without causing that damned irritating whistling. Having a system that also has a music mode means that your appreciation of music will be better. Sometimes music can sound like feedback, a music mode allows the system a little more time to make sure it isn't and do nothing. That means less distortion for you. 

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