ReSound Omnia 5 Hearing Aids

The Latest Made For iPhone & Made For Android Hearing Aid Platform

The Resound Omnia 5 hearing aids are the latest premium entry-level, Made For iPhone and Made For Android hearing aid technology from GN ReSound.

ReSound has delivered a new hearing aid platform that's available right now in Scotland. The Resound Omnia 5 hearing aids are the latest entry-level, Made For iPhone and Made For Android hearing aids. The new Omnia 5 range of hearing devices is the best that ReSound has to offer. They are packed with ReSound's latest technology to help you hear better.

Three Styles of RICs Initially

ReSound Omnia lineup

The ReSound Omnia 5 range was initially available in three RIC (Receiver In Canal) styles, a rechargeable RIC that will offer an unbelievable 30 hours of use, a RIC 61 with a traditional size 312 battery, and a RIC 62 with a traditional size 13 battery. The devices, as you can see from the main picture are shaped just like their previous One platform offering. ReSound has now expanded the range with both BTEs and Custom hearing aids.

That's a brand new Mini RIC rechargeable, two BTEs and a choice of custom ITE devices:

  • NEW miniRIE – These miniature receiver-in-ear hearing aids are ReSound’s smallest rechargeable style with a gently curved shape that rests low on the ear for a more discreet fit without compromising on sound or comfort. Like all the other RICs it can be matched to your hair or complexion to maximise discreetness.
  • Custom Rechargeable – These hearing aids are designed to look like modern earbuds and offer a custom, comfortable fit, high-quality sound, and rechargeable batteries.
  • Completely-in-Canal (CIC) – These simple custom-designed hearing aids are so small it’s unlikely anyone will realize users are wearing them, and as they sit inside the ear canal, they’re protected from wind noise.
  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE) – These user-friendly hearing aids are small, powerful, rechargeable, and can be matched to your hair and complexion to maximise discreetness.

All except the CIC will connect to ReSound’s Smart3D App and feature Bluetooth streaming of audio and phone calls, with hands-free calling for Apple iOS devices.

ReSound Omnia Full Device Line up

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Better Own Voice Perception

For new users especially, the suddenly changed perception of their voice when wearing hearing aids can be irksome at first but usually fades. The new system will work towards making it a much more natural perception for wearers.

A Microphone in The Receiver

ReSound Omnia Microphone and Receiver in Ear system

The Omnia 5 range will be able to use ReSound's innovative M&RIE receiver that was introduced with the One platform. ReSound believe that with a third microphone in the ear canal that they can make use of the more natural sound cues that can be picked up there. The outer ear plays a big part in our ability to localise sound allowing us to work out where the sound comes from. This plays a big part in our ability to ignore the sound that we are not interested in and to focus on the sound we are.


ReSound also mentions Organic Hearing, which means that they sound natural, feel natural and connect you to your world naturally. It seems that ReSound hearing aids have become more natural sounding with every new release if my customers are to be believed, so it will be interesting to see what some of them make of the Omnia. They also announced an interesting new feature that will be available on the App that they call Check My Fit.

Check My Fit

This feature will allow you to check the physical fit of your hearing aids, it's a pretty good idea because many new users are never sure if they have their hearing aids in their ears correctly. Having your aids properly in your ears is important, if they aren't in properly, you don't get the full benefit. Check My Fit should solve the uncertainty.

Made For iPhone, Made For Android

ReSound Smart App

The ReSound Omnia platform will offer connectivity options to both iOS and AndroidTM smartphones for streaming and hearing aid control. It will also offer hands-free calls on iPhones and iPads.

Vibrant Clear Sound in Every Situation

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Omnia 5 Feature Set

The overall feature set of the 5 technology level is as follows, each hearing aid may not have the full range of features here

  • 12 channels
  • The 5 does not have Ultra Focus
  • Binaural Directionality III
  • Synchronised Soft Switching
  • Environmental Optimiser I
  • Noise Tracker II
  • Expansion
  • Impulse Noise Reduction
  • Wind Guard
  • DFS Ultra III with Music Mode
  • Amplification Strategies (WDRC, Semi-linear, Linear)
  • Smart Start
  • 4 Flexible Programmes
  • Synchronised Push Buttons
  • Synchronised Acceptance Manager
  • Tinnitus Sound Generator
  • Ear To Ear Communication
  • Direct Audio Streaming (Made For iPhone & Made For Android)
  • Compatible with all Resound Wireless Accessories like the Micro Mic, Multi Mic etc.
  • Resound Smart 3D App
  • Compatible with Resound Remote Assist
  • Will take remote hearing aid updates

Environmental Optimizer I

This feature allows the hearing aids to work together to analyse the listening environment you are in. It then automatically adjusts the features and amplification to deliver the best experience for you. 

What That Means

Knowing what the sound situation around you accurately is really important, so this feature identifies the situation with high accuracy and then manages the feature set of the hearing aids to deliver the very best hearing for you. This feature and its accuracy is imperative for the function of the aids. Resound are quoting really high accuracy and our experience concurs. 

Noise Tracker II

This is a unique noise reduction system that works on the basis of spectral subtraction. It reduces unwanted noise without affecting the speech signal. 

What That Means

The really important bit here is that it seems to do what they are saying. It is excellent on any noise that is steady state (which means recurring similarly) like engine noise, background hum of any kind.

DFS Ultra III With Music Mode

A high precision feedback system that allows the cancellation of feedback with extreme accuracy. This new feedback control allows the use of the M&RIE receiver. The Music mode is a slower acting system which allows better handling of music.

What That Means

Feedback is probably one of the most annoying things for users. The feedback system allows the amplification that you need without causing that damned irritating whistling. Having a system which also has a music mode means that your appreciation of music will be better. Sometimes music can sound like feedback, a music mode allows the system a little more time to make sure it isn't and do nothing. That means less distortion for you. 

Resound Assist

Resound Assist will allow your provider to adjust your hearing aids remotely. That means if you want adjustments on the go, they can be provided without you having to attend the clinic. The system is really easy to use and is quite intuitive. This might not be for everyone, but this feature will be a godsend for the people who love it. It will allow them complete freedom , over their customer experience.

The App, Resound Smart 3D

The accompanying app also allows you personalise your hearing experience in a deeper way. It has been re-designed to be more intuitive and easier to use and it offers real control. Again, this might not be for everyone, but for those who want it, it will enrich their experience. Again, this has to be seen as an excellent thing.

Vibrant Clear Sound in Every Situation

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Resound Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

Resound wireless hearing aid accessories

Resound introduced their Unite wireless hearing aid accessories back in 2008 I think, with the Alera, which was their very first wireless hearing aid. Resound then introduced the Verso, which was an upgrade of the Alera and finally in 2014, they introduced the LiNX, which was the first ever MFI hearing aid. The Unite accessories were compatible with all of the mentioned hearing aids and have been updated since their introduction. Let's take a quick look at the devices available from Resound.

Resound Micro MicReSound Micro Mic

The Micro Mic is a small and discrete remote microphone device that connects directly to the Resound MFI hearing aids. The devices are outstanding and will make it easier for you to keep up with the conversation in noisy environments.

Your companion simply wears the device clipped to their clothes and their voice is streamed directly to your ears. It works at a range of up to 80 feet in clear line of sight.

The device is a quite simple and discrete solution. If however, you spend times in groups or at meetings, it's big brother the Multi Mic is probably the one you should think about. Its functionality eclipses the Micro Mic.

Resound Multi MicReSound Multi Mic

This is a slightly larger but more functional remote microphone that Includes the benefits of the Micro Mic, however,  it can also be used as a table microphone. The dynamic microphones in the device will help you get better speech understanding in situations like meetings, cafes and restaurants when there is a group with you. 

The device is multi-functional and will also allow you to connect with both loop and FM systems*. You can also use the mini-jack input to stream audio to your hearing aids. *FM receiver is required for FM transmission, the device has a telecoil receiver. So, as you can see, this really is a truly multi-functional device offering many benefits.


ReSound Unite Phone Clip+

ReSound Phone Clip+

The phone clip+ is a streamer device that turns your Resound hearing aids into a hands-free headset. It can be clipped discreetly onto your clothing and will allow you to make clear mobile phone calls. The device also allows you to mute background noise while you are talking so your phone conversations are easier.

The device will also allow you to stream music, podcasts or any other audio from any Bluetooth-enabled phone. The Phone Clip+ gives complete freedom to talk on your mobile phone, listen to your music or audiobooks all with complete ease, no hassle involved.

The connection is pretty solid and there are very rarely problems with audio dropping or general connection issues. Even if you have an iPhone, the Phone Clip+ is worth considering.


ReSound Unite TV Streamer v2

ReSound TV Streamer 2

The TV Streamer allows you to watch TV comfortably with the sound streamed directly to their hearing aids. So while your family is free to set their own volume, you can adjust the volume using the button on the tv streamer or the accompanying app on your phone to listen at a level that works best for you.

The TV Streamer 2 streams audio directly to your hearing aids, so you don't need any intermediate streamer hanging around your neck. 

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