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Phonak Naida Paradise 50 Hearing Aids

The latest Standard range of Super Power hearing devices from Phonak

The Newest and The Best Super Power Hearing Aids From Phonak

The Naida Phonak Paradise 50 range

Phonak hearing aids are renowned for Swiss quality and reliability. The new Paradise from Phonak looks like it will build upon the runaway success of their Marvel range. The Paradise 50 range of digital hearing aids is their Standard range. They feature Phonak's latest high-performance technology and are designed to provide you with an outstanding listening experience. Of course, some of the features that are available on the premium 90 and Advanced 70 ranges aren't available here. That doesn't mean that these devices won't help you if your lifestyle needs are ideal for them. At this time, they are only available in Receiver In Canal Models ( Audeo ) but we would expect the rest of the styles to be introduced over the next twelve months. 

So what have they got to offer,

  • Completely new, inside and out
  • New amazing sound
  • New amazing features
  • Water-resistant and dust-tight
  • Even better Bluetooth connection

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Meet The Brand New Naida Paradise 50 Hearing Aids

The new Naida Paradise range was introduced in February 2021, bringing all of the features and functionality of the Paradise technology to the Naida platform.

Multi-functional and Feature Rich Hearing Aids

These hearing devices are hugely multi-functional and feature-rich. The Naida Paradise 50 has fewer of the headline features but still manages to offer a whole new world of sound, connectivity and real power for those who need it. Here’s a head line list of the features you can expect:

  • New Motion Hearing: Motion sensors are used to help the hearing aids understand if you are in motion. If you are in motion and having a conversation with someone, the aids understand that and change how they work to help you hear them better (only available on rechargeable models).
  • New Prescription and Management System: Phonak have updated their proprietary hearing amplification prescription and they have updated their management system to AutoSense 4.0. They say both will provide even better clarity in the situations you find yourself in.
  • Stereo Bluetooth streaming: Stereo streaming from any Bluetooth enabled device, that means iPhone, iPad, laptops, computers, Macs, Android phones, Windows phones, hell any Bluetooth-enabled phone.
  • Real Hands-free calling in stereo: Like the Audeo B-direct, the Paradise offers true hands-free calling from Bluetooth-enabled phones and VOIP services like Skype, except, to both hearing aids.
  • TV Streaming: Paradise can stream directly from Bluetooth-enabled TVs, and can also stream from the Phonak TV Connector accessory.
  • Rechargeability: They say both Paradise rechargeables will deliver a full day of hearing aid use from a single charge.
  • Remote adjustments: Paradise hearing aids can be adjusted remotely by your hearing expert.
  • New App: Brand new app to give you more control.
  • RogerDirect: Users will be able to stream from Roger devices directly to their hearing aids.

The Naida Paradise 50 Hearing Aid Models

Phonak Naida Paradise and Roger On

Smaller, Lighter, Even More Features

The new Naída Paradise devices are 14% smaller, 27% lighter, and packed with Paradise features and technology including next-level, powerful sound, industry-leading connectivity and a new custom program memory feature which will be introduced soon with the new myPhonak 5.0 app.

Two Models, One Rechargeable

The new Naida 50 Paradise platform is made up of two Behind The Ear Models, a Naida Ultra Power which is powered by a 675 battery and a Naida Rechargeable Power hearing device. The Naída Paradise UP model features a powerful double receiver that delivers up to 141 dB of peak gain and up to 130 dB in the rechargeable model.

It's powered by the new PRISM™ sound processing chip and features AutoSense OS™ 4.0 for a host of premium features that work together seamlessly. Like the original Paradise devices, the hearing aids can automatically enhance soft speech in quiet places, reduce noise in loud environments and built-in accelerometers in the rechargeable devices detect movement to automatically steer the microphones to improve listening when on the move.

Full Connectivity

The Naída Paradise offers the full connectivity delivered by Paradise. The Phonak system means that users can wirelessly stream audio directly into both hearing aids from virtually any smartphone, TV, laptop, tablet, eBook and more. They also provide two active Bluetooth® connections at the same time, so users can stay connected to their two most important devices without having to manually switch back and forth.

Like the rest of the Paradise range, Naída Paradise hearing aids also offerRogerDirect™.  It means that users can receive the signal from Roger devices with no additional accessory required. Of course, the devices will also come telecoil equipped for connection to loop systems and t-coil enabled equipment.

Tap Control 

The Naida Paradise range also offers Phonak's new Tap Control2 which allows users to double-tap on their ear or the aids to accept or end a call, pause or resume streaming and activate smartphone voice-assistants like Siri® or Google Assistant™.

Phonak Naida Paradise 50 Hearing Aid Features and Programmes

Phonak Paradise 50 hearing aids recognise and automatically adapt to more of your listening situations than ever before. The range will run on their new improved AutoSense OS 4.0. At this level of technology, the management system has nine automatic programmes that seamlessly blend together to give you the best hearing possible. You also get four extra manual programs to work with for maximum fine-tuning for different situations.

Automatic programs:

  • Comfort in Noise: Actively reduces noise for increased comfort when no speech is present.
  • Speech in Noise: Adapts and reduces noise from behind in real-time and applies and optimises the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in noisy environments.
  • Calm Situation: Provides optimal gain for speech understanding and listening comfort when engaging in one-on-one conversations in quiet.
  • Media Speech + Mic
  • Media Music + Mic

Manual programs:

  • Up to 4 manual programmes
  • Music: Offers an expanded dynamic range, slow compression speed and more gain for a fuller and richer music experience.
  • Comfort in Noise: Actively reduces noise for increased comfort when no speech is present.
  • Speech in Noise: Adapts and reduces noise from behind in real time and applies and optimises the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in noisy environments.
  • Calm Situation: Provides optimal gain for speech understanding and listening comfort when engaging in one-on-one conversations in quiet.
  • Acoustic phone: The key feature DuoPhone streams the signal in real time to the other ear so the caller's voice is heard in both ears with an average benefit of 3.1 dB SNR.
  • Custom Programme: A custom programme that can be set up by your hearing care professional

Signature features:

  • Motion Sensor Hearing: Powered by an ultra-low power motion tri-axial accelerometer that delivers better hearing than ever while on the move and in conversation (only available on rechargeable models).
  • Real Ear Sound: Real Ear Sound simulates the performance characteristics of the pinna (outer ear). This restores localisation and the ability to experience natural sound perception.
  • SoundRecover2: The next generation of SoundRecover further improves audibility and utilises an adaptive frequency lowering algorithm.
  • DuoPhone: Improves understanding on the phone by automatically streaming the caller's voice to the other ear, so that the voice is heard in both ears simultaneously.
  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator: The Tinnitus Balance noise generator generates a broadband sound for use in tinnitus management therapies.
  • RogerDirect: Direct connection to compatible Roger devices
  • WaterResistant: Phonak WaterResistant hearing aids are water, sweat, moisture and dust resistant.
  • WhistleBlock: WhistleBlock differentiates between naturally occurring feedback-like sounds and true feedback. This means increased audibility and sound quality that is free from annoying feedback.
  • NoiseBlock: Noise Block Processing is particularly effective at reducing uncomfortable environmental noise.
  • QuickSync: One touch on the program selection button or volume control results in an instant identical change in the other instrument.
  • User Preference Tuning: Remembers adjustments you make with FlexControl and FlexVolume and applies them automatically for a hearing aid more in tune with your preferences.
  • auto Acclimatization: auto Acclimatization is used to automatically increase the your amplification, while you are using the device.
  • AOV: Acoustically Optimised Venting (AOV) reduces occlusion to the lowest level possible by optimising the fitting calculation.
  • 12 Finetuning Channels: Precision by your hearing aid can be customised to their specific hearing needs.

Made For Any Phone !

Paradise will allow users to experience stereo streaming audio from any Bluetooth enabled device just like the Marvel before it. That includes most mobile phones available, computers, even some modern TVs. Paradise users can have that audio streaming with the full benefits of Phonak's ear to ear features (Binaural Voice Streaming Technology BVST for short). The Paradise goes one better than the Marvel with an active connection to two Bluetooth enabled devices, that means you can use two phones, your business one and your private one, without the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting. In fact, you can use any two devices like a phone and a tablet, or a phone and your computer, and simply switch between them without hassle.

Tap Control

The new Tap Control feature allows users to activate popular voice assistants, answer or reject calls, or even pause or resume audio streaming by simply tapping on their ear. Phonak is using the new motion sensors to power the feature. It means that you can do more with your hearing aids without worrying about the buttons. It is only available on the rechargeable versions though.

Motion Sensor Hearing

The new Paradise range offers motion sensors onboard the rechargeable hearing aids. The motion sensors are used to help the hearing aids understand if you are in motion. If you are in motion and having a conversation with someone, the aids understand that and change how they work to help you hear them better. Again, this is only available on the rechargeable versions.

Remote Fine Tuning

The new remote fine-tuning system is excellent, a video calling system gives the same feeling of face to face interaction, just in a different way. While the remote support may not be for everyone, I think it will be welcomed by people who see it as a real alternative to in-clinic appointments.


Phonak's Roger system is the Gold Standard in FM assistive devices for people with hearing loss. All Paradise hearing aids will be enabled for the RogerDirect™ system. This allows Roger microphone equipment to stream directly to Paradise hearing aids without having to attach an external receiver.

Stereo Bluetooth streaming

Paradise will directly stream stereo audio from any device capable of streaming audio via Bluetooth. This includes almost any device you can think of. You can connect it directly to your Android phone; you can connect it directly to your Mac Book or Windows laptop. You can even connect it directly to any Bluetooth enabled television. That is pretty amazing, that is a direct connection without any streamer. The quality of streaming audio is excellent; audio is full and clear. Music is warm and full, and phone calls are clear.

True Hands-Free Calling

The Paradise delivers true hands-free calling in stereo. You will hear your phone calls in both ears giving you a better chance at understanding what is being said. Hands-free means you don't need to touch your phone. Your phone can be up to thirty feet away. You simply hit the button on your hearing aid to answer the call.  

Versatile TV Streaming

Phonak TV Connector

While the Paradise hearing aids will connect directly to Bluetooth enabled TVs, Phonak's TV Streamer is a better bet. The TV streamer allows low energy streaming offering great audio and reduced battery usage.


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