New Slimline Lumity & Roger On devices from Phonak

By Colin Forrest on 4th April 2023

Phonak Slim Lumity hearing aid redefines performance and style.

Phonak Slimline Lumity

Slim Lumity Aids  When You Aren't Interested in The Usual Hearing Aids!

Phonak has announced today the introduction of a new slimline Lumity hearing aid, funnily enough, called Slim, and a new Roger On device. The Slim style was introduced with the discerning fashion conscious user in mind. It is a unique style, slimmer and longer than traditional hearing aids designed for people who aren't that interested in the traditional hearing aid device style. 

Phonak says: "The Slim™ Lumity - unique and modern design to make people feel more confident wearing hearing aids. The new Slim is unique, elegant, fully connected, and powered by Phonak’s next-generation Lumity platform, offering wearers the perfect combination of style and hearing performance." The devices offer:

  • Universal Bluetooth® connectivity, hands-free calling, and Tap Control for enhanced functionality
  • Activity tracking including steps, wearing time and goal setting
  • SmartSpeech Technology helps improve speech understanding in noisy environments
  • Speech Enhancer reduces listening effort by up to 20% for communication over distance and provides 23% better speech intelligibility for speech over a distance
  • Compact sleek matching Slim Charger provides a full day of hearing in just three hours

As I said, Phonak Slim devices are designed with the modern hearing aid wearer’s lifestyle and comfort in mind. They are one of the few devices to have a distinct left and right design. The devices feature a unique seven-degree angle which offers a contoured, low-profile fit behind the ear, even for those who wear glasses.

The devices are also offered exclusively in four two-tone colours including Sandalwood, Silver Graphite and Copper—all paired with Black on the lower case. They have a push button that provides instant access to a variety of personalization and connectivity options. The push button is low on the back of the case for enhanced ease of use. The devices have proven popular with some customers, and the introduction on the Lumity platform means that the device style is now available for anyone who is looking for the latest technology.

Phonak Slim Lumity will be available to pre-order in 90 and 70 performance levels in the UK as of 2nd May, 2023 with shipping commencing the 18th May, 2023.

Phonak Roger On

Roger On With New Features

The Roger devices from Phonak have been exceptionally well received, and since the introduction of the Marvel, the devices have been so easy to connect and use. The FM systems provide outstanding support in noisy situations for people who need it. The new Roger On device builds on the success of their devices and offers even more features for users.

Roger is an intelligent wireless technology that transmits speech directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants, helping to overcome distance and noise. Phonak say, "The new Roger On builds on the original, award-winning Roger On remote microphone with new features. With the new Headset Mode, Roger On replaces the function of the computer’s microphone. This way, Roger On can now be used as a headset for online calls, allowing two-way voice streaming when connected to a computer via USB cable."

It's just another string to its bow as they say, building upon some outstanding existing functionality. The new Roger On will be available as of June 5.

CROS Paradise wearers can now connect to the myPhonak app

It's been a while coming, but the latest update to the myPhonak app now includes support for CROS Paradise (P) wearers. This highly anticipated update gives CROS P wearers enhanced connectivity by allowing them to conveniently control their CROS P systems via any smartphone. This includes the ability to adjust volume and Bluetooth streaming sessions, add or change programs, participate in Remote Support sessions, and more.

More and more people are using the myPhonak app to give them in-the-moment power over their hearing aids. It maximises the support and sound quality of their devices in those complex sound environments. The availability of the app for CROS P users will just enhance their experience with this outstanding technology. The myPhonak app is now available and supports CROS P wearers worldwide.

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