Meet The Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid Range

By Colin Forrest on 23rd August 2020

New Chip, New Sounds, New Features, New Abilities.

Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids

Building on the success of the amazing Marvel


Phonak launched their latest hearing aid range during a virtual global launch event on August the 20th. Their new platform, Paradise hearing aids, is completely new both outside and inside. The first hearing aids to be launched will be the Audeo Paradise range, their Receiver In Canal hearing aids. Although it takes a close look to see the exterior changes, the interior changes are radical.

A brand new computer chip, with brand new features, a motion sensor, increased connectivity, and a brand new sound all go to make the Phonak Paradise the best they have ever produced.

Four New Aids

The Audeo Paradise range is made up of four Audeo hearing aids, two rechargeable hearing aids and two traditionally powered hearing aids. It is important to note that only the rechargeable devices have the new motion sensor feature and also the tap control which we will talk about later. The new PRISM chip also allows the speakers in the Audeo range to be a little bit more powerful meaning they will cover more hearing losses than ever.

Two Active Bluetooth Connections

The Marvel hearing aids have been hugely successful for Phonak with their fantastic connectivity and hands-free calls. The Audeo Paradise aids build upon those features with increased and in-depth connectivity meaning you can have an active connection to two Bluetooth devices. That means you can easily switch between two connected mobile phones or your mobile phone and your tablet without any fuss. The new Tap Control feature allows users to activate popular voice assistants, answer or reject calls, or even pause or resume audio streaming by simply tapping on their ear.

A Whole New Sound

The Audéo Paradise hearing aid range is the first hearing aid range to benefit from Sonova’s new sound processing chip, PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management). The new chipset allows a host of newly developed hardware and software features to help you rediscover the wonders of sound from the moment they are fit.

The hearing aids deliver crisp, natural sound in any environment, in quiet situations, soft voices over distance are enhanced by the new speech enhancer feature. The new Motion Sensor Hearing allows the hearing aids to detect when you are moving while having a conversation. It will automatically adjust the directional microphones to focus on the direction of speech.

A New App

The new upgraded myPhonak app will provide Paradise wearers with more control over how they hear thanks to a new personalized noise cancelling feature.

The Marvel hearing aids proved to be an amazing success, I expect Paradise to be even more successful, if you are interested in trying them out, call me now for an appointment.

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