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Real 3 miniRITE-R

The Real 3 miniRITE-R hearing aid model is a very discrete rechargeable wireless slimline 'Mini-Receiver-In-Ear (miniRITE)' hearing aid. It has a telecoil, is powerful, fully featured and offers amazing discretion.

Oticon Real 3 miniRITE-R Prices

Prices: £1345 for one

Oticon Real


Real 3 miniRITE

The Real miniRITE hearing aid model is a very discrete 312 battery-powered wireless slimline 'Mini-Receiver-In-Ear (miniRITE)' hearing aid. It offers a telecoil function and is powerful fully featured and offers amazing discretion.

Oticon Real 3 miniRITE-R Prices

Prices: £1345 for one

Oticon Real mini-RITE-T


Real 3 miniBTE-R

The amazing Real 3 miniBTE-R hearing aid model is a very discrete rechargeable wireless slimline 'Mini-Behind-The-Ear (miniBTE)' hearing aid. It has a telecoil, is powerful, fully featured and offers amazing discretion.

Oticon Real 3 miniBTE-R Prices

Prices: £1345 for one

Oticon Real MiniBTE-R


Real 3 miniBTE

The Real 3 miniBTE hearing aid model is a very discrete size 13 battery-powered wireless slimline 'Mini-Behind-The-Ear (miniBTE)' hearing aid. It offers a telecoil function and is powerful, fully featured and offers amazing discretion.

Oticon Real 3 miniBTE Prices

Prices: £1345 for one

Oticon Real mini-BTE-T

All aftercare a 5 year guarantee and servicing for the life of the hearing aids is included in the price

Price includes

  • charger ( only with rechargeable devices ) & 5 Year Guarantee
  • Free initial test and consultation
  • Price includes fitting and unlimited follow-up and fine-tuning appointments
  • Free regular servicing
  • Free check-ups on request
  • No Upfront Payment, Try before you buy guarantee

Oticon Real 3 Hearing Aids

The new Real platform is the latest hearing device offering from world leading brand, Oticon. The Real 3 range, which is the lower mid-level of technology, includes the miniRITE-R a miniRITE, a miniBTE-R and a miniBTE. The devices are internet-enabled and Bluetooth enabled, both Made For iPhone and Made For Android. Oticon has made the Real even better with new and upgraded features which build upon the their very successful More devices.

The Real platform really is the pinnacle of hearing aid technology available right now and my customers are hugely impressed and satisfied with the performance. These really are outstanding aids and I assure you they are worth your consideration. My usual try before you buy facility offers you complete peace of mind while you assess the performance for yourself.

Full sound scene

Real Access to Sound

Oticon believes that your brain needs wider access to your surrounding environment to help make sense of it. The original strategy with the Opn did that, it was noticeable to existing users, and it was very successful. The new features in the Real deliver even more access to your surroundings. To handle that, and still give you the speech understanding that you need, they have upgraded the computer brain of the hearing aids.

Polaris R

Real will be powered by a new chipset they are calling Polaris R. After scanning and analysing the sound scene 500 times per second to understand the complexity, the device organises the sounds around you to create contrast and balance between sounds.

MoreSound Intelligence 2.0

Oticon say that MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 processes sound in a way that results in a more natural representation of all sounds in a clear, complete and balanced sound scene. This is the heart of the processing system, taking the inputs and managing all the features to deliver their best in class support for hearing better. The process runs in several parts: Wind & Handling detection and prevention, Scan and analyze, Spatial Clarity Processing, and Neural Clarity Processing. The way sound is handled in the remaining parts of MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 is entirely determined by the changing sound scene. Processing happens in 18 linked channels. This means all channels can 'see' what is happening in the other 23 channels, in order to minimize the risk of artifacts.


Spatial Clarity Processing

Because placing a hearing aid behind the ear eliminates the natural ability to utilize natural spatial cues provided by the pinna, Spatial Clarity Processing recreates these natural cues with Virtual Outer Ear. In difficult sound environments, Spatial Clarity Processing utilizes Spatial Balancer to quickly balance distinct sound sources in the environment, even when they are moving.

Neural Clarity Processing

Classic signal processing in hearing aids was based on algorithms written and developed by engineers. The rules they wrote represented their best estimations of how to process sound data. Neural Clarity Processing is different. With it, sound is processed by a Deep Neural Network (DNN). The DNN works more like the brain because it learned through experience, and uses that knowledge to process sound. This makes the DNN capable of creating contrast between identified sounds and suppressing unwanted noise.

Wind & Handling Stabilizer

The addition of the new Wind & Handling Stabilizer innovation ensures the best possible input for sound processing in MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 by preventing wind and handling noise from entering the system. Wind & Handling Stabilizer immediately detects and protects against wind and handling noise, in order to provide you with a more comfortable listening experience with better access to speech. Featuring double-patented technology, Wind & Handling Stabilizer constantly monitors the input signal from both microphones on each hearing aid, to detect wind and handling noise and identify which frequency channels it affects. The feature can monitor both wind and handling because they create similar turbulence around the microphone inlets.

Wind & Handling Stabilizer detects for wind and handling noise 500 times per second. In cases of wind or handling noise, it selects the microphone with the cleanest sound input for the affected frequencies at that particular moment. In this way, the most contaminated signal is prevented from entering the subsequent processing in the hearing aid. Wind & Handling Stabilizer then attenuates the remaining wind and handling noise from the other microphone in up to 24 frequency channels, but only in the frequencies affected by the noise. This provides cleaner sound for further processing in MoreSound Intelligence 2.0, helping you receive better access to speech in windy environments.

Sudden Sound Stabilizer

SuddenSound Stabilizer instantly detects and controls both soft and loud sudden sounds like clicking keyboards, vehicle turn signals, or slamming doors. It keeps them audible while reducing discomfort or disruption. Powered by new, constantly running detectors, SuddenSound Stabilizer estimates all changes in sound levels and compares them to the average sound level in the current environment. All sounds louder than the average level are considered potentially too loud, so they are further processed. Taking the average sound level into consideration means that softer sudden sounds can also be handled when needed.

12 Million Sound Scenes

12 Million Sound Scenes

Oticon says that they have trained the deep neural network within Real with 12 Million sound scenes so that the hearing aids can make better analysis and processing decisions instantaneously. That should mean a better experience no matter what sound environment you find yourself in.

A Choice of Chargers

Oticon offers two different chargers for Oticon Real miniRITE R and Oticon Real miniBTE R: Their desktop charger and an optional portable SmartCharger. Both chargers use inductive technology to provide reliable, fast charging* for a full day of hearing, including streaming.

Oticon SmartCharger

The optional SmartCharger can be connected to a power supply or used as a power bank when a user is on the go. When fully charged, the power bank allows a user to charge a completely depleted set of hearing aids three times. Long battery life and multiple recharges provide peace of mind and security for users, even when they are away from a power supply for several days. The LED on the back indicates the charging status of the power bank when the charger is plugged in and indicates the battery level of the charger when it is unplugged and used as a power bank.

Desktop charger

The desktop charger is perfect for the user who mainly needs to charge their hearing aids at home. The charger is permanently connected to a power supply. The green LED on the charger is a simple connection indicator that shows the charger is ready for use. A charger that is always ‘on’ makes it easy for the user to quickly place their hearing aids in it for an overnight charge, or for a quick recharge at any time.

Oticon On App

Oticon On app

The Oticon ON app lets you adjust volume, switch programs and check the battery level. The app also offers convenient 'find my hearing aid' search feature, counselling advice and links to user instructions. The app is also where the connection to the IFTTT network happens.

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