Oticon Introduces New More Hearing Aid Device & New Charger

By Colin Forrest on 14th September 2021

The expansion of the More range finally begins

More Mini-RITE-T

A New Device & an Outstanding Charger Option!


Oticon has finally begun to extend the More range with a new receiver in the ear (RITE) device. It has also introduced a fantastic new charger which charges and drys their rechargeable hearing aids. The charger also provides charges on the go, meaning you aren't a slave to the socket. On top of all that, they have also introduced an new up-to date CROS device

Let's take a look at what is on offer.

The new Mini-RITE-T is a zinc-air, traditional hearing aid battery powered, Receiver In The Ear device with a telecoil. That can be very attractive for people who are used to using loop systems at church or at the theatre. The model is discreet and is powered by a 312 battery cell. It will use all of the receivers available to the mini-RITE-R, making it suitable for losses from mild to severe to profound.

Meet the new charger

New charger for Oticon rechargeable hearing aids

Oticon has also introduced a new charger case that offers an onboard power bank and can be shoved in a pocket. That means that you will no longer be a slave to the power outlet offering you versatility on the go. The charger is an optional extra, but I believe it will be worth every penny. It offers three charges on the go and it will also dry the hearing aids which is important if you live in a humid environment or you have wet ears. One way or the other, the drying function will extend the life of the hearing aids so the initial investment will be paid off by versatility and longevity. 


They also announced the introduction of a CROS transmitter which is suitable for the More, the Opn S and the Opn range. CROS is a strategy that is used for people with either single-sided hearing loss, or in a Bi-CROS fashion for people who have hearing loss in both ears but one is much more severe than the other.

The More platform has proven a success for Oticon and I have been singularly impressed by my experience with the range so far. The general feedback from users is really good. I offer the More 1 range at the outstanding price of £2895 which I believe is the best price for Oticon More in Scotland. Of course, that includes:

  • Includes desk charger & Five Year Guarantee
  • Free initial test and consultation
  • Price includes fitting and unlimited follow-up and fine-tuning appointments
  • Branch and home visits available
  • Free regular servicing
  • Free 6 monthly check-ups
  • No Upfront Payment, Try before you buy guarantee

These really are outstanding aids and I assure you they are worth your consideration. My usual try before you buy facility offers you complete peace of mind while you assess the performance for yourself.

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