Oticon More Feedback and a Lovely Testimonial

By Colin Forrest on 28th October 2021

Sometimes a sale isn't important.

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A Nice Thank You!

I received some great feedback on the Oticon More and a really nice thank you from a chap I had advised recently. John lives in Yorkshire, but while researching the Oticon More, he came across my website.
He said what attracted him was that I offered the best price on a pair of Oticon More 1 hearing aids he had seen. He was a little apologetic calling me because he was never going to travel from Yorkshire to see me in person.

I told him that there was no problem whatsoever, and I would be happy to answer his questions and perhaps to point him in the direction of a good hearing centre. John was interested in the Oticon More because his brother, on the South Coast of England, has had fantastic success with them.

As I said, he was attracted initially by the price I charge for the devices, however, when seeing where I was based he thought I might not be interested in helping. I talked to him for about forty minutes on the phone discussing his loss and my experience with the Oticon More 1 devices. John seemed to be quite suitable for the devices and I felt they would deliver a great experience for him.

I also happened to know a good hearing aid centre in his area that I was really happy to refer him to. So I gave him the name and wished him well, thinking that I would probably not hear from him again.

Anyway, he called me back recently to thank me for my time and advice, and to tell me how impressed he was with the Oticon More and the hearing aid centre that supplied them. He has been getting on exceptionally well with More 1 devices and it has given him a new lease on life. He also sent me the lovely review below.

"I write to express my thanks for the help that you gave me while knowing for certain that there was no possibility of a sale in it for you. Even though you knew you would never sell me a hearing aid, you spent time with me to help me understand what might be best. Your referral to the centre in Keighley has turned out well and the Oticon More devices are excellent. It is quite unique to experience simple kindness in these times. I am both impressed and grateful."

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