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Intent 2 miniRITE-R

The amazing Intent miniRITE-R hearing aid model is a very discrete rechargeable wireless slimline 'Mini-Receiver-In-Ear (miniRITE)' hearing aid. It is powerful fully featured and offers amazing discretion. Comes with a Telecoil function.

Oticon Intent 2 miniRITE-R Prices

Prices: £1700 for one

Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent 2 Hearing Aids

Traditional hearing aids understand sound, not you!

With that statement, Oticon encapsulates why their new Intent platform is a completely new concept in hearing aids. The new Intent platform is focused on user Intent when it comes to delivering sound. Simply, there is a lot of sound in the world, but what do you want to hear, that is user intent. Oticons' new platform uses 4D sensors to understand what you are trying to hear to deliver the best possible experience for you. Before I get to that, let's introduce the latest Oticon platform. The new Intent platform is the latest hearing device offering from world world-leading brand, Oticon.

The Intent 2 range, which is the mid-level of technology, includes the miniRITE-R only at this stage. The devices are internet-enabled and Bluetooth-enabled, both Made For iPhone and Made For Android. More than that, it is also future-proofed for Auracast. Oticon has made the Intent even better with completely new features which build upon their successful hearing aids. The Intent platform is the pinnacle of hearing aid technology available right now and I think the performance of these hearing aids will surpass their outstanding Real devices. These appear to be an outstanding new technology and I assure you they are worth your consideration. My usual try-before-you-buy facility offers you complete peace of mind while you assess the performance for yourself.

Sirius, A Brand New Chipset

Sirius chipset

Oticon uses a powerful minicomputer named Sirius that’s designed purely for hearing aids. The new chip powers the new 4D user-intent sensors Sirius is a cutting-edge platform that’s purpose-built for hearing aids. They say that the new high processing capacity gives people the full, open sound scene, while powering their groundbreaking innovation: 4D user-intent sensor technology. For this, a new embedded motion sensor detects your head and body movements, and several acoustic sensors detect sound level, signal-to-noise ratio, and conversation activity. These enable Oticon Intent to combine the different inputs necessary to seamlessly adapt the support it gives you.

DNN 2.0

Enables better and more accurate representation of sound in the brain

Sirius includes their new second-generation Deep Neural Network 2.0 (DNN 2.0). this isn't an upgrade, it's brand new and built from the ground, DNN 2.0 is trained using real-world sound samples with even greater diversity than for the first DNN. This ensures the accurate preservation of the original sound, better noise suppression, and more clarity. The Deep Neural Network understands how sounds should sound, so you hear them more clearly and with sharper contrast to other sounds.

The DNN mimics the way the brain functions, enabling Oticon Intent to handle the sounds of the world precisely and automatically. It is embedded on the Sirius chip, so that all the incoming sounds in the sound scenes around the user can be processed incredibly fast – processing 500 inputs each second. This intelligent feature outperforms man-made algorithms, optimizing the way Oticon Intent makes sounds more distinct, and working seamlessly across varying listening environments.

The new DNN 2.0 builds upon the knowledge and insights from their first-generation DNN. From training with a greater diversity of sound samples, the DNN 2.0 has learned better strategies for real-world complex environments and acquired an improved ability to find and preserve soft speech components.

4D user-intent sensors

$d Sensors

Oticon Intent features the world’s first user-intent sensors – a unique new technology that allows the hearing aid to recognize when the user’s listening
needs change and adapt accordingly. Building on insights from research on human communication behaviour, Oticon Intent combines four different types of sensor input to understand and act on your listening needs: conversation activity, head movement, body movement, and acoustic environment.

Conversation activity

Monitoring if there is an active conversation or not, informing the system to prioritize speech.

Head movement

Following how the user moves their head helps to understand the type of communication situation.

Body movement

Detecting physical movement helps anticipate the need for increased spatial awareness support.

Acoustic environment

Sensors gather details of the 360° sound scene around the listener as it varies within listening environments and between environments.

Using the four sensor input types, Intent seamlessly adapts to your listening intention. It can increasingly prioritize speech clarity or
surrounding sounds as your intention requires increased emphasis. It offers changing support even within a single environment helping you to engage in conversation in all the sound environments where real life unfolds.

MoreSound Intelligence 3.0

With input from the 4D user-intent sensors, MoreSound Intelligence 3.0 seamlessly adapts to your specific listening needs. This means
Oticon Intent can provide individualized help based on the situation and your intention, for significantly improved speech comprehension.
How the sound processing works

Wind & Handling Stabilizer

This feature detects and filters wind and handling noises 500 times per second. It selects the microphone with the cleanest sound input, preventing disruptive sound from entering the system. It then attenuates remaining wind and handling noises from the other microphone efficiently and only in the frequencies affected by the noise. This provides a cleaner sound for further processing in MSI 3.0, helping you go about your day in comfort.

The 4D Sensor technology scans and analyzes the sounds in the environment and the listener’s movements. The results of the analysis
provide input on sound levels, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), head movement, body movement, and conversation activity for the remaining part of the
processing in MSI 3.0.

Spatial Sound

Spatial Sound combines several advanced technologies to provide more precise spatial awareness, helping you identify where sound is coming from.
It uses NFMI (Near-Field Magnetic Induction) for fast and energy-efficient binaural communication that preserves the natural sound cues and
maintains the sense of location and direction we naturally have.

Speech Rescue

The Oticon methodology of frequency lowering – called frequency composition – increases speech understanding by ’rescuing’ speech cues such as /s/ or /sh/ that might otherwise be lost. This gives people with moderate to severe-to-profound hearing loss in the high frequencies access to sounds they just would not hear.

Soft Speech Booster

Soft Speech Booster makes soft sounds audible to people with hearing loss. Increasing your access to the soft sounds that occur in most situations and conversations, improves your speech understanding. Intent hearing aids provide a clear focus on soft-to-moderate speech information while preserving comfortable perception of louder sounds.

Clear Dynamics

Clear Dynamics processes input sounds up to 113 dB SPL, avoiding distortion and artefacts at loud input levels while keeping the sound
quality of softer input levels intact. With speech cues preserved at high input levels, you can enjoy a better listening experience in loud environments, without distortion. Clear Dynamics is especially valuable when listening to music or during conversations in busy, dynamic sound environments.

New Charger

Intent Charger

The Oticon Intent miniRITE charger is an all-new design using contact charging technology for efficiency and reliability. Contact charging is faster than inductive charging, providing the fastest charging of an Oticon hearing aid ever. It’s also more reliable, because whenever the hearing aids are in the charger and the LEDs illuminate orange, charging happens at full capacity.

Charging times

  • A full day* of hearing aid use after one hour of charging
  • Four hours of power in just a 15-minute charge
  • Eight hours of power after just a 30-minute charge

Oticon Companion App

Oticon Companion is an app that gives you a discreet way to control your hearing aids. Using the app, you can:

  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aids independently and switch between listening programs including Oticon MyMusic
  • Keep an eye on your battery level
  • Find your hearing aids if they lose them
  • Use SpeechBooster to reduce background noise and enhance speech whenever you need to focus on a conversation
  • Customize your surrounding sounds with the Sound equalizer
  • Fine-tune the sound when streaming music or movies using the Streaming equalizer feature
  • Interact with wireless accessories that are paired with your hearing aids, including TV Adapter, EduMic, and ConnectClip


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