Oticon Expands The More Hearing Aid Range

By Colin Forrest on 14th April 2021

Oticon finally introduces Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids to More

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Two New BTEs Including a Rechargeable


Oticon has finally expanded the More range with two new BTE (Behind The Ear) devices. While the MiniRITE devices available up to now cover a lot of hearing losses, many people may not be suitable candidates for a receiver in the ear device.

People who have chronic middle ear issues or who may have had a mastoid operation in the past are not ideal candidates for RITE hearing aids. Even something simple as very waxy ears could cause real issues with failure when wearing receiver in the ear hearing aids.

While Behind The Ear hearing devices are seen as more traditional, they still have a place in hearing care. All of the hearing aid manufacturers have taken steps to reduce the size of these devices while still delivering the power that some users need. Oticon has done an outstanding job and their MiniBTEs are very discreet.

The two new MiniBTEs offer Oticon More functionality and the option of rechargeable or non-rechargeable styles across all of the More technology levels. The miniBTE R (Rechargeable) uses their time tested lithium-ion battery system offering a full day of battery life. The miniBTE T (Telecoil) uses size 13 disposable zinc-air batteries.

As I said elsewhere, the addition of BTEs means that the More platform is suitable for more users! Pun completely intended.

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