Oticon announces the launch of Opn Custom Hearing Aids

By Colin Forrest on 1st July 2017

Oticon to finally launch custom Made For iPhone hearing aids

Oticon custom Opn hearing aids

Made For iPhone Custom Hearing Aids 


As first reported on Hearing Aid Know, Oticon has announced the launch of custom hearing aids on the Opn range.  Oticon held a recent yearly conference in the UK and during the conference, they announced that they are going to launch the Opn customs in quarter four this year. They also said that the majority of the new custom hearing aids will be direct streaming (Made For iPhone). They will be only the second hearing aid brand, after Resound, with Made For iPhone custom hearing aids

According to Oticon, the Opn customs will be available from a full shell in the ear hearing aid all the way down to an invisible in the canal hearing solution. However, they will not all be Made For iPhone enabled, the Full shell, half shell and in the canal devices will be direct streaming, the cic and iic will not. The line up is as follows:

  • ITE Full Shell (Made For iPhone)
  • ITE Half Shell (Made For iPhone)
  • ITC In The Canal (Made For iPhone)
  • CIC Completely In Canal (Not Made For iPhone but is wireless)
  • IIC Invisible In Canal (Not Made For iPhone, not wireless)

Oticon is just one of the hearing aid brands we deal with here, however, their hearing solutions have definitely become very popular. Since the introduction of the Opn range, the general feeling has been that Oticon has delivered a superb hearing device. It will be interesting to see how well the custom hearing aids do when they are launched. 

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