Meet The Smallest Rechargeable Hearing Aid Ever

By Colin Forrest on 13th May 2023

Small, discreet, fantastic sound, all the reasons why you will love it

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Fantastic sound, 

rechargeable, and discreet!


ReSound announced in February that they were expanding the Omnia range with a new rechargeable MiniRIE, rechargeable BTEs and some interesting Custom hearing aids. The rechargeable MiniRIE was billed as the smallest ever rechargeable hearing aid.

Sometimes we take Manufacturer's claims with a pinch of salt, however, this one proved to be more than true. The MiniRIE is the smallest rechargeable hearing aid that I have ever seen. It is also definitely the smallest rechargeable hearing aid that ReSound has introduced since they changed their Receiver In Canal form factor with the introduction of the ReSound One two years ago.

Small, sits beautifully, and works amazingly well

The MiniRIE sits beautifully on the ear and like the rest of the Omnia range offers outstanding sound quality. It really is small and is genuinely almost invisible once on the ear. The body of the aid fits well in the fold at the back of the ear, while the receiver wire hugs the face at the front of the ear. You would have to be looking very closely to notice it, even from behind.

Very happy customers

I have fitted the device on several customers and they have been exceptionally happy. Even where a customer was interested in invisible hearing aids, but wasn't suitable, they have been happy with the ReSound Omnia MiniRIE. Sometimes, customers want discrete hearing aids and the invisible devices sound really good to them. However, they really aren't suitable for them, they have hearing loss that would be more suitable for an open fit, or they have quite narrow ear canals.

Fits your loss, but is hugely discrete

The MiniRIE offers a discrete option for them, it fits their hearing loss or is ideal for their physiology, but still delivers discrete benefits. That is the beauty of the ReSound Omnia MiniRIE, it fits a huge amount of hearing loss but offers discrete benefits. Great sound, no battery changes, and a discreet package that no one will ever notice, what's not to love? If you are interested in the Omnia range, or if you are looking for hearing aids at the best price in Scotland, honest advice and care, call me on 01506 420519 to arrange your appointment now.

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