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Widex Call Dex

The Widex Dex FamilyThe CALL-Dex is the newest member of the DEX™ assistive listening device family from Widex. The devices are designed to allow you take advantage of a whole new world of sounds. They make communication between your hearing aids and your remote control, television, mobile or landline phone hassle free and simple. Most modern hearing aids connect easily to your mobile phone, most manufacturers use the bluetooth connection but some use their own proprietary connection. No matter which they use, most of them up to recently have had an intermediate device to allow the connection. 

Widex have now introduced something even better, small and discreet, they call it the CALL-DEX. The CALL-DEX is an really small device for streaming conversations directly from your mobile phone to your hearing aids. It is exceptionally discreet and it simply inserts into the jack plug of your phone. You can then just use your mobile phone normally.

There is no neck loop needed and it works straight out of the box, no need for any set up. The CALL-DEX lets you stream from your phone for up to 80 hours, it is also compatible with most mobile phones. The CALL-DEX doesn’t require set-up by your hearing professional. It’s small and discreet, so most people won’t even notice that you’re using it.  And it works with phones from Apple, LG, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and more.

CALL-DEX works with Widex DREAM and with all forthcoming models of Widex hearing aids. It requires no neck loop: just plug it into your mobile phone and start talking! 

80 hours Battery Life

You can chat for up to 80 hours using CALL-DEX ’s single size 10 battery. If you use the phone for conversations for more than 3 hours every day, Widex recommend that you should change the battery in the CALL-DEX once a week. If you use it less than 3 hours a day, they recommend changing the battery once every second week.That is a lot of battery life from a size 10 battery. 


Widex UNI-DEX for connecting hearing aids to mobile phonesThe UNI-DEX is a neck-worn plug and play solution that again is for easy mobile phone use. The device streams audio directly to your Widex hearing aids. Its not just for mobiles though, but any device with a mini-jack output.Its long battery life means that UNI-DEX can stream audio for up to 40 hours. It also takes only an hour to fully recharge again. Enjoy talking hands-free on your mobile phone or stream audio from your favourite device like an iPod, iPad etc.

The UNI-DEX is easy to use. Simply plug the mini-jack cable into your mobile phone or audio device, hang the UNI-DEX around your neck and you are ready to start listening. The streaming starts automatically, you can use the built-in microphone in UNI-DEX when using a cell phone or talking via Skype or Facetime. The built-in microphone allows you to use UNI-DEX to talk hands-free while driving as well.

Widex T-DEX

For Non Wireless Hearing Aids

Widex T-DEX for connecting mobile phones to hearing aidsThe T-DEX is a hands-free, wireless neck loop for use with all hearing aids with a telecoil. It lets you easily connect with Bluetooth mobile phones. The T-DEX comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, as well as a charging cord. Because it amplifies the sound from the mobile phone, the T-DEX is perfect in situations where there is a lot of background noise. And its hands-free operation means that it is easy to talk on the phone while driving for example.

Simply place the T-DEX around the neck and activate it when the phone rings. The sound is transmitted wirelessly to the hearing aids so you can hear and converse directly. Calls can be easily answered and ended by means of a single push button.



The M-DEX is a small accessory designed to be used with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. It will stream the conversation into your hearing aids which means you can hear the conversation clearly in both ears. This device also has several other useful functions including a feature known as Room Off. This feature lets you actively block out the sounds around you so that all you hear is the signal that is being streamed into the hearing aids. This allows you to fully concentrate on the conversation without the distraction of any unwanted background noise. The M-DEX can also be used in FreeFocus mode which lets you choose the direction that the microphone will focus on so you can hear from the selected direction. The M-DEX also has built in Telecoil so you can connect your Widex hearing aids to the loop system. Finally, this device can also be used as a handy remote control to adjust the volume or program settings on your hearing aids.



The Widex RC-DEX is a simple, easy to use remote control for your hearing aids. It has three simple push button controls that allow you to adjust the basic features of your hearing aids such as program choice and volume level. The user also has the option of either verbal or tone alerts that let you know when features have been selected or changed. A clear LED indicator lets you know when the device is in use. This is a small and attractive device that can be easily stored.




The Widex Phone-DEX is an ideal solution for anyone who finds phone conversations difficult. No additional accessories are required, you simply pair this device to your hearing aids and the other person’s voice will be transmitted straight into both hearing aids. Because this device works exactly like a normal landline phone, it can be used by everyone else in the house without having to change any settings. The handset itself has a connection range from the base unit of up to 300 metres and the facility to store up to 20 phone numbers. It also has a connection range with the hearing aids of up to 30 cm so the phone does not have to be pressed completely to the ear. Once this device has been charged it can give you up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 80 hours of standby time. Unlike many phone accessories, the Phone-DEX does not require an extra device to be worn around the neck to relay the signal adding extra convenience.




The TV-DEX is, as the name suggests, an accessory to connect your hearing aids to your television. Without the need for any additional streaming devices, this will stream the sound directly into your hearing aids. This gives you a clear and natural sound with no delays, echoes or distortion. This device is especially useful if you argue with other people over the volume of the television. The easy push button controls allow you to adjust the volume just for you while others listen at their own level. Like the M-DEX, the TV-DEX gives you access to the Room Off function so you can block out the unwanted background noise and enjoy listening comfort. Once charged, the TV-DEX can give the user up to 10 hours of completely uninterrupted TV streaming.

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