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Technology Level

We will help you understand the technology level of the hearing aid and what that means

The Chipset/Platform

We will help you understand the chipset or platform of hearing aids and why it is important

Wireless or Not

Are wireless hearing aids best for you? We can help you with that question

Virto V Hearing Aids

Custom or Non Custom

Which is better for you, custom hearing aids or non custom

Multi Programmes?

Do you need multi programmes in your hearing aids? We can help you with the information you need

Feature Rich Hearing Aids?

Do you need feature rich hearing aids or will a more simpler device suit you?


Connecting you to your world

Remote Control


This is a simple and easy to use remote control for your Unitron hearing aids. It is a small and attractive device with easy push button controls. It allows you to make adjustments to both volume levels and program selection without having to use the buttons on your hearing aids. This remote also give the user control of the hearing aid’s Smartfocus feature. This allows real time control of things such as speech enhancement and noise reduction. There is also a clear ‘home’ button which allows the user to return the hearing aids to their original settings with the simple touch of a button.



Smart Control

The Smart Control is a slightly more advanced remote control than the basic remote and is designed to be used with the newer ranges of hearing aids. It also has an attractive design and easy to use buttons. With the smart control you can access the essential features of your hearing aids and adjust them as required. This includes volume levels and the ability to select the hearing aid’s different programs. The more advanced features allow you to adjust extra things such as the clarity settings and your comfort levels.



 The Unitron uMic is a small, discreet device that makes it easier for hearing aid wearers to enjoy conversation in noisy environments. It can be easily clipped to a person’s clothes or worn on a lanyard around the neck. It then picks up the voice of the speaker and transmits it into your hearing aids for a clear and natural sound. For this device to work it must be used in conjunction with your uDirect 2 accessory. The uMic has a range of up to 20ft (65m) so you can still hold a normal one to one conversation in a difficult environment even if the other person is not directly next you. Once this device is charged you can enjoy up to 8 hours of hands free, wireless streaming time.


uDirect 2

The uDirect2 is the new wireless streamer from Unitron and is designed to be used with their Quantum and Moxi range of hearing aids. This device picks up the signal from your various audio devices and then streams the sound into your hearing aids. It gives the wearer a similar effect to wearing headphones without the inconvenience of actually having to wear them. This small device is worn around your neck and can be used to stream the sound from your mobile phone or music player allowing you to hear comfortably and in both ears at the same time. When used with the UTV2, this accessory will allow you to stream the sound from your television into your hearing aids. This gives you the freedom to adjust the volume as required without changing the levels for anyone else who may be watching. The uDirect 2 also works as a remote control for adjustment of the basic functions of your hearing aids such as programme choice and volume levels. This accessory can be charged using your UTV2 base unit.



The UTV2 is a new wireless accessory from Unitron that has been designed for their newer range of hearing aids. This base unit is connected to your television to give you more personal control over your television sound. This device picks up the sound and then transmits it straight into your hearing aids via the uDirect 2. This means that you can enjoy watching TV at a level right for you without having to wear headphones or turn the volume up to levels that others may find uncomfortable. The UTV2 has a transmission range of up to 30m (100ft) with a short transmission delay. This base unit also acts as a charger for your Udirect2.

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