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By Colin Forrest on 9th August 2016

Katrina MacDonald's Story Proves That Even Basic Hearing Aids Can Help

A Bad Experience In The High Street Led Her To Us


Katrina, Kat for short, had a bad experience in a High Street Store, she felt that she was having some difficulty with her hearing and she went along to be assessed. As a trainer within the Fire Service, her ability to hear and communicate is important.

She was tested and recommended a very powerful hearing aid for just one ear. She wasn't happy about the diagnosis or the recommendation. She felt she had a problem in both ears and that the problem was not so bad that she would need a very large and powerful hearing aid.

Home Hearing Test

She decided to get a second opinion and after finding us online she booked a home hearing test with me.

Kat MacDonald, Happy Hearing Aid User LivingstonAs I said, Kat did not feel comfortable with her ability to hear or communicate in her work or in private situations. She explained to me that she felt the recommendations for a hearing device for one ear seemed wrong to her. She felt she had a problem in both ears, she also felt that while she knew she had a problem, it didn't seem as bad as the High Street professional seemed to think. He had recommended a Naida, which at the time was a large hearing aid designed for people with severe to profound hearing loss. 

A Month of Misery

She tried to get on with the hearing aid as best she could, but after 1 month was quite down, in fact nearly depressed. She did not understand why she should have to have such a big aid, nor did she feel she was getting much benefit. She did some research on hearing aids and hearing loss, did a google search and found me.

Hearing Loss in Both Ears

I booked her in for a home hearing test appointment which she was really happy about. I tested her hearing and found she had a bilateral mild to moderate loss. In other words, she had a mild to moderate loss in both ears, not a severe to profound hearing loss. I told her that she, in fact needed two hearing aids and that the hearing aid she had been prescribed was a little bit of overkill considering her hearing loss.

I prescribed her 2 Phonak Audeo Smart 3 hearing devices, the were the entry level hearing aids in the Phonak Audeo range of the time. I told her that considering all things, her loss, her cognitive abilities and her lifestyle needs, that I felt entry level devices would deliver everything that she needed.

Not just that, the two Audeo hearing aids were exactly the same price as the one Naida that had been recommended to her. The correct evaluation of her situation and the proper recommendation of suitable hearing aids has changed her life completely……for the better.

Hearing Aid Success Story

As she says, she has got her confidence back, she feels better about herself, she is back doing her job. She is simply happier. 

Sometimes, we as hearing health professionals forget the impact of hearing loss and indeed hearing aids on the people we deal with. I always try to remember that I am helping a person, not treating a condition, because I think that when I do this it allows me to really help that person. Kat's success is a proof that hearing aids, even entry level hearing aids, can have a dramatic effect on the quality of life and general outlook of someone who needs them. 

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