Hearing Aid Success in Glasgow

By Colin Forrest on 10th October 2016

Sam McClean's Success With His Hearing Aids Has Been Fantastic

Glasgow hearing aids success

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Sam McClean from South Glasgow came to us after he had been with some National Providers, he was unhappy with the level of service and the way he felt they did business.

One of his real issues was that he felt fine tuning of his hearing aids in a quiet office made no sense. He wasn't trying to hear better in a quiet office, he was trying to hear better in his own environment. He felt there was a better way, and when he saw our home visit service he thought that he might have found it. 

Great Success With Venture 90 Hearing Aids

Since 2008, Sam has been one of our customers and he is now on his second set of hearing aids. Currently he uses Phonak Audeo Venture 90 hearing aids. He has had outstanding success with the devices and is very happy with the results that they deliver to him. He also uses the Phonak TV link at home when watching the television, again he has had great success with this set up and enjoys being able to listen to the TV and music at his preferred volume while not bothering anyone else. 

He said that initially it was his worry about hearing properly and the knock on his confidence that spurred him to action. He himself knew there was a problem, but the people around him convinced him that it was as bad as it was. Since he decided to deal with his hearing loss he has gone from strength to strength. He completed a video testimonial for us which you can see below. 


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I pride myself on providing the very latest digital hearing aids from the worlds leading manufacturers at prices up to 50% less than is charged (on a like for like basis) by the high street hearing aid retailers.

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