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Wirelesss Accessories For Starkey Hearing Aids in Scotland

Wireless hearing aid accessories that connect you with your world

Wireless devices toexpand your world of better hearing

We are really getting behind wireless accessories for hearing aids and their users. Hearing aids are no longer stand alone devices and the wireless accessories that are available for them ensure that you can connect to your world with ease.

 We think that they deliver really fantastic benefits, so we think it is information that should be available to you.

The SurfLink Accessories

SurfLink is the Starkey family of wireless accessories for their hearing aids.. The devices help you to stream phone calls, audio from the TV and music directly to your hearing aids and there are no visible, body-worn devices necessary.. They are effective devices with pretty good audio quality. Let’s take a look at what our SurfLink accessories can do.

SurfLink Mobile 2, Phone, Media, Noisy Settings

The Starkey SurfLinkThis device is their connection to mobile phones, it fits in your pocket or purse and uses a system JustTalk™ to stream phone calls from a connected mobile phone directly through your hearing aids. SurfLink Mobile uses your hearing aid's microphones and receivers to effortlessly pick up and send voices both ways. It can work for phone calls, FaceTime®, Skype™, Viber and other telephone services on your smart phone

What is really interesting is that it can also help you in noisy environments, meetings or group settings as it can be used as a remote microphone. 

  • The directional microphone enhances and focuses on speech in a one-on-one conversation in loud or noisy situations.
  • Omnidirectional capability allows better hearing in meeting or group settings where it is necessary to hear and understand more than one voice.

This is a really handy feature and expands the functionality of the device. Finally, the device allows you to stream media sound from any Bluetooth®-enabled TV or MP3 player. In fact from any audio device that offers a bluetooth connection. 

We think this type of device is really useful for active people. Hearing aid users who like to be able to speak on the phone, use phone calls for work, spend time in group settings and want greater flexibility while communicating. If you like easy phone calls, easy conversation in groups and your music direct to your hearing aids, this device is most definitely for you.  

SurfLink Media, TV, Music, Video

Starkey SurfLink MediaThis is a fascinating device, like the SurfLink mobile it shows that the designers have sat down and really thought about functionality and ease of use. The SurfLink Media accessory stands apart because it allows multiple Starkey hearing aid users to wirelessly connect their hearing aids to a TV or media device. Not many of the other manufacturers offer a device that can be used by multiple users. Connecting to the device allows you to listen at the volume level you are most comfortable with, without bothering others in the room who may have normal hearing. 

The device allows you to watch the TV  or listen to your music comfortably by streaming sound directly from those devices to your ears. You can adjust the volume through your hearing aids while never changing the volume of the device you are listening to. You can even mute the ambient volume on the device while listening through your hearing aids..

The best part about this accessory is not the independent listening abilities but its completely automatic ease of use. You set it up, and it just works, once it is on, when you come into it's field of transmission, you automatically hear the streamed audio. If you had multiple units set up in different rooms you would automatically change over to the audio being streamed as you went from room to room. For example, if you are watching TV in the living room and get up to join the other half who is listening to the radio in the kitchen. Your hearing aids will automatically switch from streaming the TV to streaming the audio from the radio. Its seamless, automatic and easy. 

We think this accessory is perfect for hearing aid users who enjoy TV and music who have difficulty enjoying or understanding either, without turning up the volume. What really sets it apart is that it is ideal for a household with two or more hearing aid users, because both can use the one device. Really smart thinking on the designer's part there. 

SurfLink Remote

Starkey SurfLink RemoteA remote is the most widely used type of accessory for many hearing aid users regardless of the manufacturer. The SurfLink Remote allows users of Starkey hearing aids to quickly and remotely change the volume, program memory, and other hearing aid features without having to touch the hearing aid itself. Its a simple, convenient and inconspicuous way for you to control your hearing aids. It also allows you to control them independently or together. This is a great accessory for any hearing aid user who may have poor manual dexterity, or vision issues. It also allows you full control of your hearing aids with ease. 

As we said earlier, we really think that wireless accessories are a game changer for people with hearing aids. Initially though as a new user of hearing aids, many should just first get used to their instruments. However, when they are used to them, wireless accessories can really extend the power of their hearing aids and allow them to connect to their world in an integrated manner. Wireless accessories open up a whole world of connection. Easy and clear communication over mobile phones, comfortable listening to TV and Music. 


This device can be converted to a different mode depending on your individual needs and preferences. There are 3 modes available, basic, intermediate and advanced with each one giving you the ability to control different features. The basic mode controls things such as volume control and the locking or unlocking of the device. Intermediate has an additional memory changer and mute button control. With the advanced mode you have access to your favourites which allows you to configure the buttons for certain tasks depending on your personal requirements. This unique design gives the user more freedom to choose exactly how much control they would like.

Old Surflink Mobile Model


The Surflink Mobile is a complete hearing aid accessory for all your needs. It allows connection to a number of devices and has many features to make your hearing experience as easy and clear as possible. Firstly, it allows completely hands free connection to your mobile phone. It wirelessly streams the conversation into both ears at the same time without any distortion. The built in microphone allows you to talk without actually having to hold the phone. It also works as a microphone device to help you hear conversations in difficult listening environments.

It can stream a person’s voice into your hearing aids in a one to one conversation and also has omnidirectional capability for easy listening in a group situation such as a meeting. The Surflink Mobile can also be used to stream the sound from your television or music player providing that they are Bluetooth enabled. Finally, this accessory can be used as a convenient but extremely powerful assistive listening device. The Surflink Mobile is a unique multi-purpose device that allows connection to a range of different audio devices. A truly hands free solution for your everyday needs all rolled into one sleek accessory.

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