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Wireless Accessories For Siemens Hearing Aids

Connecting your world

easyTek remote streamer

  • easyTek remote streamerEasy-to-use
  • Out-of-the box ready
  • No software programming required

Made for iPhone

Made for iPhone® and Android devices

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  • Seamlessly connects external audio sources with binax hearing aids
  • Smartphone compatible for both iOS® and Android providing hands-free phone use
  • One button controls all
  • Reliable neck loop antenna allows device to be worn under multiple layers of clothing with uncompromised sound quality and streaming
  • Up to 6 hours use with Bluetooth® streaming
  • Up to 10 hours use with line-in operation
  • FM inputs
  • 2” diameter
  • 0.8 ounces

easyTek App

  • easyTek AppEasy-to-use and FREE for iOS® and Android smartphones
  • Discreet control of compatible binax hearing instruments, easyTek, and audio sources
  • Universal connectivity to favorite apps: FaceTime, Google Maps, Pandora® Radio, Apple TV®
  • Visual display controls volume, balance, program selection, and audio sources
  • Activates Spatial Configurator easily… to override automated functionality when you want it
  • The discreet and convenient companion to your binax hearing aids

touchControl App

  • touchControl AppUniversal smartphone app that controls hearing aids – only for binax BestSound Technology hearing aids
  • Easy-to-use and FREE for iOS® and Android smartphones
  • No additional hardware is required
  • Discreet control of binax hearing instruments



The Siemens ProPocket is a small device that acts as a remote control for your hearing aids. It is designed to be easily carried in a purse or in your pocket. It has easy push button controls that allow you to adjust all the essential features of your hearing aids including program selection and volume control. The ProPocket also has a unique feature that allows you to put your hearing aids into standby mode when you do not need to use them. This puts them onto a lower setting that reduces the overall power consumption of the devices.




The Siemens e-Pen is one of the most discreet remote controls available. It has a small and attractive design but with one added feature. This device has been made to look exactly like an average fountain pen. This sleek device allows you to control the basic functions of your hearing aids such as volume and programs and also allows you to turn the hearing aids on or off when required.  The controls of this device are also designed to be extremely discreet as instead of buttons, you simply twist or pull the e-Pen to make adjustments.



The Siemens Tek is has several different functions and connects your hearing aids to a range of audio devices. If you have a music player, you can use this accessory to stream the sound directly into the hearing aids as if you were wearing the headphones. It also works with your mobile phone by streaming the conversation into the hearing aids. Not only does it send the conversation into both ears, but you can answer the phone with one touch of a button on the Tek. This accessory can also be used to stream the sound from your television. Once connected, you can listen clearly and at a volume suitable for you while others can listen at their own level. The Tek device is especially convenient as it does not require an additional streamer accessory to be worn to transmit the signal.


Mini TEK


The Siemens MiniTek is a multi-purpose accessory that wirelessly connects you to your audio devices. With this small device you can stream the sound from your music player into your hearing aids as if you were wearing headphones. You can also use the MiniTek with your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. It sends the conversation into your hearing aids and you can hear it in both ears at the same time. It also has the added convenience of enabling you to answer your calls at the touch of a button without even having to take your phone out of your bag or pocket. With the MiniTek you can also have the sound from your television streamed into your hearing aids, allowing you to control your own personal volume levels without it affecting anyone else in the room. The MiniTek is a smaller and sleeker version of the Tek accessory but has the added feature of being a remote control for your hearing aids. With this device you can adjust both volume and program settings without having to use the buttons on the hearing aids which some people find a bit fiddly.  The MiniTek does not require an extra accessory to stream the signal so there is no inconvenience of having something around your neck and no extra expense to purchase the device.



The VoiceLink transmitter has been designed to help hearing aid wearers her clearly even in the noisiest of situations. This device is used in conjunction with the Mini Tek to give a small but effective solution to your hearing needs. The microphone can be conveniently clipped onto the clothing of the person speaking and it will stream their voice, via the MiniTek, into your hearing aids. It further increases the clarity in difficult listening environments by helping to block out any unwanted background noise that may otherwise impair speech.



The EasyPocket is the new remote control device from Siemens designed to be used with their new Micon range of hearing aids. It has the option of two levels of control, either basic or advanced, depending on how many features you require. This accessory allows you to control several aspects of your hearing aids. It has simple up and down buttons for volume control and a program change button that activates your adjustment with one press. This remote control also has an auxiliary menu which shows things like time, and battery status. It also allows you to set an alarm and view your contact data. It also has upper and lower control buttons which can be used to mute the hearing aids as well as be assigned to different functions. The number of functions available depends on whether it is the basic or advanced version.

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