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Mid range hearing aids from Bernafon

Launched: 2013

Acriva 7

Replacement for: Veras/Verite/Chronos 7

The Acriva range is the latest and most advanced hearing aids available from Bernafon. The Acriva 7 is the lower level of technology in the range. They offer better sound quality and faster processing as well as some new features. These hearing aids cover the full range of styles which includes BTE (Behind the Ear), RITE (Receiver in the Ear), ITE (In the Ear), ITC (In the Canal), CIC (Completely in Canal) and IIC (Invisible in Canal)

The Acriva 7 features Bernafon’s unique ChannelFree™ signal processing. Unlike most hearing aids on the market the Acriva does not split the signal into separate channels. This is designed to retain a more natural sound and allows the hearing aids to continuously adjust their gain when needed.

The Acriva range also features the new Audio Efficiency 2.0 technology from Bernafon. This has led to some new features as well as better sound quality and processing speed.

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation Plus

This will help to eliminate any annoying whistling sounds that may be produced.

11 Listening Program Options

You can set these up to manage your hearing loss in the different environments or situations you find you are in most frequently.


Adaptive Directionality

This feature adapts the hearing aids microphones depending on the direction of the sound to keep a natural sound quality.

Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus

This helps to keep speech clear by suppressing unwanted background noise. The Acriva 7 has 3 control states for this feature

Transient Noise Reduction

This feature helps to maintain your listening comfort by softening any sudden loud noises.

Frequency Composition

This new feature helps to bring frequencies that may be out of your hearing range down to a level that you can hear.

Wireless Binaural Coordination

With this technology, your hearing aids will communicate with each other and share information to further improve your listening experience.

Environment Optimiser

This feature ensures your hearing stays clear no matter what environment you are in.

Data Logging

This feature logs the activity of your hearing aids so your audiologist can get a clear view of how they are performing.

Many of the Acriva 7 hearing aids are also wireless compatible with Bernafon’s range of accessories. This allows you to connect the hearing aids to a range of everyday audio devices.

SoundGate 2

This accessory can stream the sound from bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and music players, straight into your hearing aids so you can enjoy a clearer sound.


Remote Control

This simple device allows you to control the basic functions of your hearing aids.

TV Adaptor

This accessory can stream the sound from your television into the hearing aids. This gives you a clearer sound and more control over the volume levels.

Phone Adaptor 2

The phone adaptor helps with calls on your landline phone as it allows you to clearly hear the conversation in both ears.

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