The Full Nexia Hearing Aid Range Will Soon Be Available

By Colin Forrest on 11th February 2024

New Custom & BTE Hearing Aid Models

Nexia Range Extended

More choices for hearing aid users including great rechargeable options


GN has announced the expansion of its most advanced hearing aid family, ReSound Nexia, into new range of styles all offering the next era of connectivity. In addition to the Receiver-In-Ear (RIE) and micro RIE styles launched in October 2023, the ReSound Nexia family now offers Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and custom-made styles, including rechargeable models.

The new hearing aid models cater to both different hearing needs and preferences. giving more people with hearing loss access to GN’s most advanced technology, and better equipping them for the future of Bluetooth connectivity.

ReSound Nexia is leading the way as the first hearing aid to take advantage of Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) Audio, the next generation of Bluetooth LE. It is an improved and more power-efficient way of wirelessly transmitting audio from one device (like a smartphone) to another (earbuds, headsets, hearing aids). Bluetooth LE Audio is built with audio in mind, offering crystal clear sound and reducing latency (time-delay) and battery consumption for all-day streaming. They have also announced that through an exciting collaboration with Microsoft, GN is paving the way for ReSound Nexia to become the first hearing aid natively compatible with new Windows PCs that support Bluetooth LE Audio.

That will allow people to seamlessly experience the exceptional quality of ReSound Nexia on their compatible Windows devices. This powerful new platform also makes the highly anticipated Auracast broadcast audio a possibility – a technology that is sure to revolutionize accessibility to audio in public spaces. This latest leap in Bluetooth technology has allowed GN to take ReSound Nexia to the next era of hearing, improving the streaming experience while using less battery power, and ready to support Auracast, which is expected to connect 3 billion devices and 2.5 million places by 2030, according to Bluetooth SIG.

Auracast will offer a simple, accessible addition to existing technologies such as the telecoil and FM systems. Unlike these systems, we can expect Auracast to become almost a universal offering for audio streaming over the next few years. When they say that it will revolutionize accessibility to audio in public spaces, they aren't joking. It will truly open up the world to hearing aid users in a way that has never existed before.


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