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By Colin Forrest on 26th February 2022

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People wait an average of seven years to address their hearing!


I was recently reminded by a review from one of my customers that people wait far too long to address their hearing loss. Once he started to wear his hearing aids, he realised just how much he had missed out on. This is what he said:

"Like many people, I waited too long before addressing my hearing difficulties. When I did finally do something about it, the Hearing Aid Advice Centre provided me with a life-changing service. Very accurate testing and problem identification resulted in me being offered advice and solution options tailored to my needs. A trial of two makes of hearing aids resulted in me deciding on a perfect answer to my hearing problems. This, along with a willingness to continue to provide advice and service into the future, came at a very reasonable and extremely competitive price. I would recommend the Hearing Aid Advice Centre to anyone who needs good courteous, professional advice and service at a reasonable cost."

Unfortunately, that's a common situation, we have known for many years that people wait for between seven and ten years to begin to address their hearing loss. That's a long time struggling to hear, a long time spending most of your brainpower just trying to understand what is being said.

That's a long time arguing over the volume of the TV and asking your partner, "What did they say?" Years ago I wrote an article called Your Guide To Success With Hearing Aids. The review left by my customer reminded me of it. The article has some great advice, but the overarching five steps to success are this:

Step 1: Admit that l have a hearing problem.

By now you may have had your hearing professionally tested and have been told the fact that you have a permanent hearing problem. You now have two choices, acceptance or denial

Step 2: Decide to seek help with a positive attitude.

It is not only the purchase of hearing aids that will give you better hearing. Four characteristics that are present in all people who are really successful with their hearing aids are:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Use your hearing aids regularly.
  • Patience, while your brain re-tunes to ambient sounds and noises.

Step 3: Learn about my hearing problem.

Because you haven't heard normal sounds and noises properly for a long time, at first the sounds amplified by your hearing aids may be unusual. But, this is because you are hearing the high-frequency speech sounds (like f's s's and th's.), you have been missing, or have heard differently for years.

Step 4: Set Realistic Expectations.

If your hearing was lost suddenly, or, has been lost over time, you may not hear again like you once did with normal hearing. Similar to dentures, hearing aids are only a substitute for the original - with them, you will probably live a near-normal life; without them, you will certainly be handicapped.

Focus on your improvement. You will be achieving a significant percentage of improvement over how you would hear without hearing aids. Your 'hearing aids' job is to help you hear better, not perfectly, although, with recent technological advances perfection may not be too far away!

Step 5: Practice And Patience: Your Two Keys to Success

There is a common discipline followed by all men and women who are successful with anything they put their mind to. It is called practice. It is no different being successful using hearing aids. It is an investment that will cost you time and patience however, will usually begin to pay dividends within as little as a few days.

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