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Older, Discontinued Oticon Hearing Aids

Historical Oticon Hearing Aid Ranges

On this page you can find reference to, and explanation of, older and discontinued hearing aid ranges from Oticon. Most of these devices are no longer available, however, some like the Tempus custom hearing aids have not yet been replaced so you may still be offered them. You can take a look at modern Oticon hearing aids here.


Opn Hearing Aids

The Opn hearing aids were truly a groundbreaking hearing device range. The internet-enabled Oticon Opn comes with a number of additional features because it can connect to devices via the internet and Bluetooth. The hearing aids will connect directly to your iPhone Smartphone so you can make phone calls and listen to music without any intermediate streaming device. They are also water resistant to 1m.

The devices can be connected to any device that has a Bluetooth connection. This means that the hearing aids can also be connected to things like doorbells, appliances, or even baby monitors. Then when the doorbell rings, for example, the person gets a small 'ring' in their ear to let them know. This is the premium hearing aid in Oticon’s range which uses their new Velox Sense processing chip. This range is a completely new way of processing sound and is suitable for more demanding listening environments.

Custom Made For iPhone Hearing Aids

Oticon announced in June 2018 that they would be launching in the ear hearing aids on the Opn platform in quarter 4 of 2018. There was a full range of in the ear hearing aid types in the range, but the two smallest, the CIC and the IIC are not Bluetooth hearing aids.

Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn 1:

You can take a look at the full run-down of models in the Opn 1 range here

Oticon Opn 2:

You can take a look at the full run-down of models in the Opn 2 range here

Oticon Opn 3:

You can take a look at the full run-down of models in the Opn 3 range here


Opn Hearing Aids

Open Up A Closed World

Open up a closed world


Less listening effort – reducing the load on the brain in noisy environments


More capacity to remember – freeing up mental resources, enabling the user to recall more in noisy environments


Better speech understanding – even in the noisiest environments, without suppressing surrounding sounds through narrow directionality

One open sound experience
Three levels of BrainHearing™ support

BrainHearing™ support is delivered by a unique combination of technologies working together to reduce listening effort and provide the brain with better conditions to perform in. The Oticon Opn range has now been expanded into three levels of technology, Level 1 which is top of the range, level 2 and level 3. 

Opn hearing aids technology levels

All members of the Oticon Opn™ family provide the open sound experience that is proving so popular. However, each model gives the brain a different level of assistance – a different level of BrainHearing™ support. Oticon has not stopped at that though, they have also expanded the fitting range of the Opn devices and they can now fit even profound hearing losses. 


  • Acoustic notifications Provide notifications and warnings to assist and support confidence in daily use, e.g., start-up jingle, low battery warnings, etc.
  • Adaptation Management Adapts in 3 steps for gradual user acclimatization to a new hearing aid
  • App & Remote Control Discreetly adjusts volume, switches between programs or controls connectivity sources with Remote Control 3.0 or the Oticon ON App
  • AutoPhone Automatically activates a phone program in the hearing aid for telephones with a dedicated magnet
  • Bass Boost Controls compensation for bass leakage in open fittings when streaming audio
  • Binaural Coordination Coordinates program and volume settings between the two hearing aids
  • Binaural Processing Continuous data exchange between two hearing aids about the sound level at each ear to better maintain the difference in input between the ears
  • Clear Dynamics Expands the dynamic input range, processing sounds up to 113dB SPL, to preserve sound quality even at loud input levels
  • Data Logging Logs volume control usage, program usage and total use time
  • Feedback Analyzer Analyzes the risk of feedback with the prescribed gain and chosen acoustics in Genie 2
  • Feedback shield LX Employs an ultra-fast and effective feedback management system that prevents feedback without compromising sound quality or audibility
  • Fitting Channels 16 fitting bands for a precise fit and more fine-tuning options for client fittings
  • Fitting Formulas Include VAC+, NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2
  • Made for iPhone® Indicates compatibility. ‘Made for iPhone’ means that the hearing aid and accessories have been designed to connect to iPhone, and have been certified by the developer to meet Apple™ performance standards.
  • Multiple Directionality Options Enables conventional directionality settings in addition to OpenSound NavigatorTM transition settings
  • NFMI Near-Field Magnetic Induction – Improves speed of communication and bandwidth between two hearing aids with very low power consumption
  • OpenSound NavigatorTM Provides listening support by continuously analyzing the environment, balancing sound sources so focus sound is clear and competing sounds are not too disturbing. Finally, it attenuates remaining noise to provide a more accessible sound environment.
  • Oticon Firmware Updater Enables you to update VeloxTM-based hearing aids and connectivity solutions, adding new and improved features quickly in your office.
  • Phone Program Optimizes hearing aid for telephone conversations using the hearing aid microphone
  • Processing Channels Data is analyzed and processed in 64 channels, 100 times per second
  • REM AutoFit Enables more personalized fittings by taking individual ear acoustics into consideration
  • Soft Speech Booster LX Applies an individual amount of soft gain to increase soft speech understanding
  • Binaural Noise Management Optimizes listening in asymmetrical, noisy situations
  • Spatial SoundTM LX Uses binaural compression to provide precise spatial awareness that helps users identify where sounds are coming from
  • Speech GuardTM LX Preserves the dynamics of speech by combining the benefits of linear and non-linear compression Page 17 Stereo Streaming Streams audio input in stereo
  • Transient Noise Management Protects against sudden loud sounds with fast recovery to preserve audibility; offers four different levels for fine-tuning, including ‘off’
  • TwinLinkTM Combines two distinct radio technologies in an innovative wireless communication system; features one technology to support seamless, energy-efficient binaural communication between two hearing aids (NFMI) and one to support communication with external electronic and digital devices (2.4 GHz)
  • Wind Noise Management Protects against the discomfort of wind noise
  • YouMaticTM LX Accommodates personal listening preferences and sound perceptions in the prescription of gain and automatics

Oticon Opn new fitting range

OpenSound Navigator

Less stress. Remember more. Better hearing.  Oticon Opn™ introduces groundbreaking technology that is fast enough to support the brain. With precision and accuracy, it analyzes the acoustic environment and differentiates between the individual sounds. The result is a significant improvement in the ability to understand speech in complex environments while, at the same time, preserving mental energy – ultimately empowering users to Open Up to the World. Users are provided with more accurate information making it easier to locate and separate sound sources so they can focus on what they find important. This happens so quickly it facilitates the listener’s ability to change focus when desired.

This is the premium hearing aid in Oticon’s range which uses their new Velox Sense processing chip. This range is a completely new way of processing sound and is suitable for more demanding listening environments.

Oticon Opn is available in a compact, newly designed miniRITE that sits discreetly on the ear. Oticon Opn offers a wealth of new features and functionalities all incorporated in a sleek and modern 312 battery-based design.  The Opn is available in a range of colours.


Opn Mini RITE: wireless slimline 'Mini-Receiver-In-Ear (miniRITE)' hearing aid using a 312 battery

Oticon Opn rechargeable hearing aids


Opn Mini RITE Rechargeable: wireless slimline Rechargeable 'Mini-Receiver-In-Ear (miniRITE)' hearing aid using a rechargeable Silver Zinc 312 battery (can also use disposable hearing aid batteries). All Oticon Opn miniRITE hearing aids sold since the introduction last year and going forward can be retrofitted to be rechargeable.

Oticon Opn Mini RITE-t


Opn Mini RITE-T: The sleek and discreet miniRITE-T (which you can see above) features a telecoil and double pushbutton for easy volume and program control

Oticon Opn BTE 13-PP


Opn BTE13 PP: The powerful and compact BTE13 PP fits hearing losses up to 105 dB SPL to benefit people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. The plus power solution features a telecoil, a tactile double pushbutton for easy volume and program control and a two-color LED indicator to monitor hearing aid status for both users and caregivers.

Oticon On App

The Oticon ON app lets you adjust volume, switch programs and check the battery level. The app also offers convenient 'find my hearing aid' search feature, counselling advice and links to user instructions. The app is also where the connection to the IFTTT network happens. 

A World of Possibilities

Oticon Opn is the world's first hearing aid that connects to the internet via the If This Then That network (

If you want your lights to turn on automatically when you switch your hearing aids on or want to be notified by your hearing aids that someone is at your door then these are a few of the limitless possibilities available using ifttt. Oticon has introduced their own recipes that can be easily downloaded, however, it is easy to make new recipes for action. 

The Oticon Opn seems to have really caught the imagination of both professionals and users alike. It is a particularly popular aid and the feedback from users is excellent. It seems that the Opn may be a real winner for Oticon. 

Oticon Hearing Aids At Outstanding Prices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Central Scotland

The Oticon Alta2 Hearing Aids

Oticon Alta2 hearing aidsAlta2 was a premium full line hearing aid range from Oticon. Packed with a range of breakthrough features which combined to give you enhanced sound quality, reducing the amount of effort it takes to listen and understand. Alta2 came in a wide range of custom,  Behind The Ear (BTE) and Receiver In The Ear (RITE) styles with colour options that ensured the Alta would suit all individual taste.

Learn More About The Alta2 Pro Here

Learn More About The Alta2 Here

Alta2 Family of hearing aids

The Oticon Nera2 Hearing Aids

Oticon Nera Hearing aidsThe Nera2 digital hearing aid range was a mid range solution that Oticon offered. Packed with advanced features that would normally be reserved for their premium range devices. Nera2 came in a wide range of custom, Behind The Ear (BTE) and Receiver In The Ear (RITE) styles with many colour options.

Oticon hearing aids

Learn More About The Nera2 Pro Here

Learn More About The Nera2 Here

Oticon Nera2 family of hearing aids

The Oticon Ria2 Hearing Aids

Oticon Ria hearing aidsOticon's Ria2 hearing aid range was an essential or entry level solution. Ria2 came in a wide range of custom, Behind The Ear (BTE) and Receiver In The Ear (RITE) styles with colour options that ensure the Ria2 should suit everybody.

Oticon Ria hearing aids

Learn More About The Ria2 and Ria2 Pro Here

Ria2 hearing aid family

ConnectLine for life’s many opportunities

Oticon ConnectLine for Oticon Hearing Aids



ConnectLine wireless accessories are the ideal complement to Oticon hearing aids, the devices empower you to participate more actively in practically all of the situations in life that you have difficulty with. 


One complete wireless  integrated system

ConnectLine is the wireless solution that offers the most connectivity abilities in one integrated system. Start with the application you find most useful for your needs. You can always add more applications at any time.

Power to connect – freedom to explore

The New Streamer Pro

ConnectLine Streamer Pro for Oticon Hearing Aids


The Streamer Pro is the heart of ConnectLine giving  you total control of program shifts and hearing aid volume. More than that it delivers control of all sources of audio-based information, entertainment and communication available to you. 

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With its revolutionary wireless technology, the Epoq signaled the start of a bright new era in hearing care. One in which sounds are captured and presented to you the way you meant to hear them.  Epoq hearing aids aren’t like ordinary instruments that provide uncoordinated inputs into each ear. The Epoq actually communicate with each other to present a single, balanced picture for your brain to process.

 Oticon Hearing AidsWith Epoq as your personal “Sound compass” you won’t be in any doubt as to what sounds are and where they are coming from. Whether it’s a car coming from the side or a person calling from behind, you’ll be able to hear and locate them in an instant. Because your ears will tell you where to look.  And that’s not all. As well as helping you locate and interpret the sounds around you, Epoq also helps you get the best out of devices such as mobile phones and other electronic equipment. As one of the most sophisticated hearing aids in the world Epoq offers a range of great benefits. Some of the most appreciated are:

Put whistling behind you

No-one likes instruments that howl and whistle – and Epoq significantly reduces this risk. Its anti-feedback system is always on duty – removing whistling tones before they can be heard.


When making choices about your hearing, you first have to consider your needs and then, what your budget will allow. Fortunately, sophisticated devices don’t have to cost the earth – as the new Oticon Vigo proves. Vigo’s advanced technology delivers a level of comfort, clarity and detail found normally only in the most expensive solutions. With two different styles and ten attractive colours to choose from, you can look as good as Vigo makes you feel.


oticon's delta hearing aidDesigned to sit snuggly behind your ear, Delta's hi-tech design lets you be completely discreet. Delta blends in beautifully with your skin and hair. With its beautiful lines and cool colours, it will provide you with so much confidence that it may well inspire others to follow your lead! Delta's range of finishes span everything from smart and sporty patterns and cool metallic colours, to discreet colours that match your hair or skin. Just like anything that says “this is uniquely me”, no other hearing device gives you so much choice and so much performance.

Delta's tiny size and unique triangular shape enables it to be as discreet as possible when sitting on your ears. Connected by a transparent sound wire to a speaker which is placed in your ear canal, Delta is rendered virtually invisible from every angle. Delta's unique shape provides an optimal position for two, state-of-the-art microphones, enabling it to cancel out up to three noise sources from different directions and focus on the important speech signals. The result is superior speech understanding in a full sound picture. Delta's unique, triangular shape also ensures maximum comfort when sitting behind your ear.  Weighing less than two grams, it delivers big benefits via a light and comfortable design.

Oticon dual1. Amplifier
Unique triangular shape ensures optimal position for two state-of-the-art microphones

2. Thin sound wire
Ultra thin transparent sound wire is virtually invisible when worn

3. Speaker + dome
Placed in the ear canal to offer unmatched performance and comfort


Oticon SumoA super-powered BTE – this aid is actually quite dated now in the super power league, and we would suggest a power RIC such as the Agil Pro power, or the Phonak Naida for maximum power.

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I pride myself on providing the very latest digital hearing aids from the worlds leading manufacturers at prices up to 50% less than is charged (on a like for like basis) by the high street hearing aid retailers.

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