Choice & Price Was The Key To Happy Hearing Aid Selection

By Colin Forrest on 9th February 2022

The opportunity to experience different hearing aids gave real confidence

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That's Why I Offer Try Before You Buy!

One of my customers left a glowing review for me on Google recently. Whilst he was delighted to be offered an outstanding price on the hearing aids (he had been quoted almost double elsewhere). It was the fact that he was able to try the hearing aids before he purchased them that gave him real confidence.
In point of fact, he actually got to try two sets of different hearing aids three times over two weeks. I have always believed the best way for someone to be confident in their choice of hearing aids is to experience them. That is why I have always offered a try before you buy experience.

Alastair came to see me because he had been recommended a set of top of the range hearing aids elsewhere at quite a high price. I deal with the manufacturer and I believe I offer the devices at a very fair price. Alastair explained that I actually offered them for nearly half the price he had been quoted.

I felt that the devices he had been recommended, while excellent, may not have exactly suited Alastair, so I offered to provide him with a trial period of the recommended devices and a set from a different manufacturer that I felt may suit him better. Alastair tried out both sets, actually trying the devices he had been recommended elsewhere twice before agreeing that the other manufacturer was a better fit for him. You can read his review below.

Having used NHS hearing aids for many years and being plagued by uncomfortable ear moulds, excess ear wax and the nine-month wait to see an audiologist I decided to investigate the private sector. This led to an appointment with a company called Hidden Hearing which fitted me with a pair of ‘state of the art’ hearing aids which were outstanding - apart from the price tag of £5,500 - way outside my limited income.

An online search led me to the Hearing Aid Advice Centre which was advertising the same aids at half the price. That’s how I came to meet Colin Forrest of the Hearing Aid Advice Centre who loaned me three different hearing aids over two weeks so that I could decide, with his expert advice and guidance, which ones best suited me.

I’m now the owner of two top-rated hearing aids which cost less than half those offered by Hidden Hearing - who wanted their money after only wearing them for about five minutes. Thanks to Colin l am now able to converse with family and friends, even with loud background noise, listen to television and receive phone calls via an app on my phone that channels the sound to my hearing aids.

The ear discomfort has gone the excessive wax has disappeared - I don’t even feel them in my ears. I would strongly recommend everyone with a hearing problem to visit Colin and give these state of the art hearing aids a try. They come with a five-year warranty and Colin is on call to give advice and speedily fix any problems. It’s good to know that there are still some people out there who offer a first-class service at a fair price in this rip-off culture we find ourselves in.

Alastair Delaney, Lochgelly

I believe strongly in choice and experience, that's why I felt Alastair should be able to experience what was on offer from the different brands. I think he will agree that the experience gave him the confidence to move forward with the right hearing aids for him. As you can see from his review, they have excelled in their job and he is a very happy hearing aid owner.

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