Bernafon Launches New Viron Range in Scotland

By Colin Forrest on 25th May 2019

The Replacement for Zerena Range is Now Launched.

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Bernafon has now launched the new Viron range in the United Kingdom. The range consists of four hearing aids (one of which is a brand new lithium-ion powered rechargeable device), over three different levels of technology. Bernafon say "The super-fast sound detection and processing with Bernafon's DECS™ technology stimulates users with more precise information about the environment in real time. This enables the listener to focus on hearing what’s important to them while keeping the natural sound picture." The Zerena was an outstanding success for Bernafon in Scotland and the wider UK, so I expect great things from the Viron. The hearing aids are now available for order and here is what you need to know.

Viron Rechargeable Hearing Aid System

A Brand New Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The new Viron miniRITE-R is the very first lithium-ion powered rechargeable hearing aid that Bernafon has produced. The devices will offer a full day of use on a three hour charge. Lithium-ion powered rechargeable hearing aids have proven exceptionally popular because they offer outstanding reliability.

True Environment Processing

Bernafon say "Viron is the industry’s first True Environment Processing™ hearing aid that lets users immerse themselves in the sound environment making every situation sound more natural and real for them. Thanks to the powerful chip which detects and processes sound in real time, Viron leaves environment classification rules, restrictions, and artificial sound behind." It means that the new chipset offers outstanding speed which adds up to instant sound processing so you get the most natural sound

Dynamic Feedback Canceller

They say "We call this an innovation because it is the most powerful and effective feedback cancelling system ever from Bernafon. Dynamic Feedback Canceller™ in DECS™ eliminates feedback signals within milliseconds, so that feedback does not become an issue for users." It means that you can go about your day without the fear of anoying whistles from your hearing aids. The benefits it should deliver will be:

  • Prevention of feedback even when rapid changes of the signal path occur like hugging
  • It should mean a better target match of prescription because we have higher feedback thresholds
  • It will allow more open fittings with minimized risk of acoustical feedback
  • We should be able to fit more severe hearing losses by using the full gain of the instrument

You can take a quick look at the models below, we have also detailed them further on our Bernafon Hearing Aid Page.

The Viron Hearing Aid Models


Viron miniRITE

Bernafon Viron MiniRITE

The Viron miniRITE hearing aid model is a very discrete wireless slimline 'Mini-Receiver-In-Ear (miniRITE)' hearing aid using a 312 battery. Powerful fully featured and offering amazing discretion.



Viron miniRITE-R

Bernafon Viron MiniRITE Rechargeable

The new mini-RITE-R is a wireless slimline Rechargeable Mini-Receiver-In-Ear hearing aid which uses a new lithium-ion rechargeable battery which offers 16 hours of use with five hours of streaming. The battery pack is easily replaceable in the clinic. Which means that when the battery pack begins to lose storage capacity you can get a new one from your professional. The device also has a telecoil.



Viron miniRITE-T

Bernafon Viron MiniRITE-T

The sleek and discreet wireless MiniRITE-T features a telecoil and double push button for easy volume and program control. It is powered by a 312 battery



Viron BTE 105

Bernafon Viron BTE 13-PP

The powerful and compact BTE 105 fits hearing losses up to 105 dB SPL to benefit people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. The plus power solution features a telecoil, a tactile double pushbutton for easy volume and program control.


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