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Encanta 300 Engage miniRITE-R

The Encanta 300 Engage miniRITE-R hearing aid model is a very discrete rechargeable wireless slimline 'Mini-Receiver-In-Ear (miniRITE)' hearing aid with a telecoil. It is powerful fully featured and offers amazing discretion. The device can use four different levels of speaker which ensures it covers hearing losses from mild to severe.

Encanta 300 Engage miniRITE-R Prices

Prices: £1345 for one, please call for the best price in Scotland on two aids.

All aftercare and servicing for the life of the hearing aids included in the price

Price includes

  • Includes desktop charger & Five Year Guarantee
  • Free initial test and consultation
  • Price includes fitting and unlimited follow-up and fine-tuning appointments
  • Free regular servicing
  • Free check-ups on request
  • Try before you buy guarantee

Bernafon Encanta Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Bernafon Encanta 300 Engage Hearing Aids

Bernafon has just released its latest hearing aid range which they call Encanta. This performance level is ideal for people who enjoy an active social life and often find themselves in conversations with groups often. Bernafon says that the Encanta 300 will help you fully engage in conversations with a group of people and is ideal for speech understanding in noisy situations.

Encanta MiniRITE Hearing Aid

The MiniRITE devices are exceptionally discrete, they are rechargeable and have extensive connectivity options including Bluetooth and a telecoil. They are available in eight colours including pearly silver, metallic silver, charcoal grey, jet black, cocoa brown, antique bronze, stone beige, and sand beige. They also come with the option of a new small portable charger which once charged, offers you three charges on the go. It means you can charge your devices anywhere and anytime. Having said that, charging times are excellent, take a look below:

  • 2 hour charge offers a 100% charge
  • 60 minutes charge will give you 16 hours of power
  • 30 minutes charge will give you 8 hours of power
  • 15 minutes charge will give you 4 hours of power

Wireless connectivity

The Encanta's super-fast and powerful chip includes smart dual-radio wireless technology with 2.4 GHz direct-to-hearing-aid and NFMI ear-to-ear technology. Clients can enjoy direct-to-ear streaming without the need for an intermediate device when using an iPhone, or some Android devices and can enjoy seamless communication between the two hearing instruments.

LE Audio, Made For iPhone Hearing Aid, Made For Android Hearing Aid

The Encanta range is the first Bernafon hearing aid with LE Audio capabilities. Encanta is fully compatible with all LE Audio-enabled Android phones – the latest Bluetooth® technology. LE Audio combines the best of reliable two-way streaming and hands-free communication with low energy consumption. The range is also Made For iPhone hearing aids. That means that it will offer a direct connection to Apple products. That means both phone calls and audio streamed directly to your hearing aids.

Portable Charger

Bernafon Portable Charger

The Charger Plus is designed to be easy to use both at home and on the go. The charger’s lid serves as protection and storage for the hearing aids, and the rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery makes it possible to use the Charger Plus as a power bank, when no power supply is available. The charger uses inductive technology that allows contactless charging of two hearing instruments via an induction coil. Furthermore, the magnetic connection in the charger prevents the hearing instruments from falling out. When the hearing instruments are inserted into the charger, it automatically starts charging. The hearing instruments turn ON when they are removed from the charger.

Smart Sensor Technology and Smart Noise Reduction

The Smart Sensor Technology uses motion detection to try to both understand and deliver clarity as your focus changes between people in noise. The information from the motion sensors allows the aids to better understand who you are trying to listen to. They say that their Smart Noise Reduction when combined with the Smart Sensor delivers finer sound details even in noise.

Smart Directionality and Smart Noise Management

Bernafon says that their Smart Noise Management will adjust to the sound environment you are in. It will continually work to deliver improved sound quality and better speech understanding in noisy situations. Their Smart Directionality uses different strategies and priorities for the microphones depending on what's going on around you. The aim is to deliver better sound localisation of speech helping you with better awareness of speech direction, better speech clarity and understanding in different listening situations.

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