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Alpha 5 miniRITE-R

The Alpha 5 miniRITE-R hearing aid model is a very discrete rechargeable wireless slimline 'Mini-Receiver-In-Ear (miniRITE)' hearing aid. It is powerful fully featured and offering amazing discretion. The device has a choice of four speaker powers which ensures it covers hearing losses from mild to severe.

Alpha 5 miniRITE-R Prices

Prices: £1145 for one

All aftercare and servicing for the life of the hearing aids included in the price

Price includes

  • Includes charger & Five Year Guarantee
  • Free initial test and consultation
  • Price includes fitting and unlimited follow-up and fine-tuning appointments
  • Branch and home visits available
  • Free regular servicing
  • Free 6 monthly check-ups
  • No Upfront Payment, Try before you buy guarantee

Bernafon Alpha 5

Bernafon Alpha 5 Hearing Aids

Bernafon has just released its latest hearing aid range which the call the Alpha. It is a new range with a brand new chipset. The new chip platform delivers super-fast sound detection and processing so that users can receive more precise information about their environment in real-time.

Bernafon is a brand that I came across a couple of years ago and I have had some real success with. The new Alpha technology is based upon the new Demant hardware which also underpins the More from Oticon. Bernafon says it is the first hybrid technology hearing aid. Each element of their strategy will use a hybrid approach, a blending of two reliable technologies to deliver more than they can individually. They say "Bernafon’s Hybrid Technology™ propels four hybrid processing blocks to provide improved speech understanding and listening comfort."

Four Hybrid Technologies

Bernafon says that the new Alpha hearing aids are the first devices to use hybrid technology to offer outstanding sound and performance. The four hybrid blocks are:

Hybrid Balancing

  • Personalised and balanced speech audibility and listening comfort.
  • Independent attenuation customisation for speech in noise and solely noise situations.

Hybrid Noise Management

  • Smart Directionality and Smart Noise Reduction to reduce noise in 24 bands.
  • Optimised Smart Noise Reduction algorithm.

Hybrid Sound Processing

  • Parallel sound processing in the time and frequency domains.
  • Phonemic broadband compression in real-time is combined with high precision compression in 24 frequency bands

Hybrid Feedback Canceller

  • Combines phase cancellation and spectral-temporal modulation to get rid of feedback within milliseconds.
  • Increased fitting range and a more beneficial target match due to higher feedback threshold.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Alpha range will be available in just one type for the moment, a rechargeable Receiver In The Ear model.

Wireless connectivity

Alpha’s super-fast and powerful chip includes smart dual-radio wireless technology with 2.4 GHz direct-to-hearing-aid and NFMI ear-to-ear technology. Clients can enjoy direct-to-ear streaming without the need for an intermediate device when using an iPhone, some Android devices and can enjoy seamless communication between the two hearing instruments.

Made For iPhone Hearing Aid, Made For Android Hearing Aid

The Alpha range is both a Made For iPhone hearing aid and a Made For Android hearing aid. That means that it will offer a direct connection to Apple products and some of the more modern Android products. That means both phone calls and audio streamed directly to your hearing aids.

Mobile Phone Compatibility

Bernafon Alpha hearing aids are compatible with Apple devices running iOS 13 or later. Direct audio streaming for Android devices requires Android 10 or later, Bluetooth 5.0 and implementation of Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) on the Android device.

Levels of Technology

The Alpha hearing aids will be available in the top three levels of Bernafon technology, the 9, the 7 and the 5. The Mini-RITE rechargeable hearing aid will cover hearing losses from mild to severe to profound. The 5 is the entry-level technology offering, it still has many of the premium features on-board but they work in a reduced manner.

Bernafon Alpha Rechargeable hearing aids

Alpha Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Alpha rechargeable hearing aid uses the outstanding lithium-ion battery pack designed by Demant. It offers a full day's use with a simple three-hour charge. The real beauty of the lithium-ion cell is that it can be changed in the clinic without having to go back to the factory. The charger is a table charger type device.

  • Rechargeable miniRITE-T
  • Telecoil onboard
  • Three different technology levels
  • Made For Android
  • Made For iPhone

Alpha Hearing Aid Prices

Binaural ( 2 ) Hearing Aids are available at a very special price. Please contact me for details.

Alpha 5 Features

  • Hybrid Sound Processing™ ●
  • Frequency bandwidth 8 kHz
  • No Hybrid Balancing™
  • No Speech Balancer
  • No Noise Balancer
  • Hybrid Noise Management™ ●
  • Smart Noise Reduction 3 options
  • Smart Directionality ●
  • No Dynamic States
  • No Omni States
  • Hybrid Feedback CancellerTM ●
  • Low Frequency Enhancer ●
  • Frequency Compositionnxt ●
  • No Binaural Noise Manager
  • Transient Noise Reduction 3 options
  • Wind Noise Manager ●
  • No Dynamic Range Extender
  • Soft Noise Manager ●
  • Dynamic Directionality ●
  • Adaptive Full Directionality ●
  • Fixed Directionality ●
  • Fixed Omni Directionality ●
  • Omni Directional ●
  • No True Directionality Plus
  • Fitting bands 18
  • Program options/memories 13/4
  • Binaural coordination: VC, program change ●
  • Automatic Adaptation Manager ●
  • Stereo streaming (2.4 GHz)
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport™
  • Transition 3 options
  • Data Logging

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