Our Experiences With The Audeo B-Direct

By Colin Forrest on 18th July 2018

Meet The Phonak Audeo B-Direct Made For Any Phone Hearing Aids

Audeo B-direct

Fantastic Hearing Aid That Act Like A Phone Headset


Phonak completed the launch of the their Audeo B-Direct in the US, UK and Ireland in September 2017. The Audeo B-Direct was the very first ever Made For Any Phone hearing aid. What was really different about it was that the hearing aids would connect directly to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. For people who don't like either wireless streamers or iPhones that was a blessing. I want to talk about or experience with the hearing devices, what they offer and some important points that you might need to consider before you buy them.

As I said, the Audeo B-Direct was the first ever Made For Any Phone hearing aid. The hearing aids will connect to any mobile phone with a Bluetooth connection. That means it will connect to iPhones, Android Phones and even standard mobile phones. Our experience with them so far has been really good.  Any of the customers that have used them have found them excellent and they really love answering their mobile phones by just touching a button on their hearing aids. Let's take a look at what they have to offer, starting with that amazing feature. 

An Easy To Use Phone Headset

The hearing aids act just like a phone headset, allowing you to both answer and refuse phone calls with a touch of the button on the hearing aids. You don't have to touch your phone at all, in fact, once you are in range, about thirty feet, you don't even have to be near your phone. You simply touch the button to take the call and talk away, the hearing aids stream your voice back to the caller. It really is that easy, once the hearing aids have been set up on your phone, you never have to worry about it again. 

The Call in One Ear Only

The audio from the call is only streamed to one ear, but, they turn down the microphones on the opposite ear so you have the best opportunity to understand the speaker. All of our customers say that the call quality is usually clear and they haven't had any problems even in a slightly noisy surroundings.

The TV Connector is Fantastic

Phonak also introduced a TV connector with the new hearing aids. It is a pretty simple device to set up and use and can be connected to any source of audio. The connector will then stream the audio direct into both hearing aids so that you can listen at the volume you want to. Everyone who has used it says that it makes listening to the TV or music a pleasurable experience again.

The Technical Bits

The Audeo B-Direct is a Receiver In Canal hearing aid and it uses a size 13 battery. It is available in the top three levels of Phonak technology, so that's the B90, the B70 and the B50. The hearing aids can be used with three different receivers, the standard receiver, the power receiver and the ultra power receiver. That's important because it means the device is suitable for all hearing losses from mild to severe. 

Great Hearing Aids, With A Great Phone Experience

In our experience, these are really good hearing aids that provide a fantastic and unique mobile phone experience. Only one other hearing aid offers this type of headset connectionand that is a device from Unitron, who are a sister company to Phonak. The hearing aids are pretty good performers and any of the comments I have heard are excellent. 

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